A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 48

A Load Of Old Toffee (2020)

A Load Of Old ToffeeA Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 48: The ALOOT team is now back after a completely undeserved mini-break – that or they have been temporarily washed away. Either way, host Steve Watkins is joined by Deano and Mark as usual to discuss the latest Boro’ events. You may think there hasn’t been a great deal to talk about with all the postponements, but you’d be a touch surprised! Everton, Gillingham, Crawley and Wolves – they’re all on the agenda, whether they actually got played or not. Should we get in touch with the FA about it all? Will Tweet of the Week be making a long-awaited return? And how does Kevin Pietersen fit into this? Who knows… Boo us your views or be old-fashioned: aloadofoldtoffee@gmail.com.

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