A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 43

A Load Of Old Toffee (2020)

A Load Of Old ToffeeA Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 43: After a two week break, the Old Toffee team are back huddled around the mic to wordify their opinions on recent Boro’ events. Joining Steve, Deano and Mark are debutant Will Pickworth and returning guest Chris Day (not the goalkeeper). Rotherham, Peterborough and Gillingham all make the agenda, as do a couple of new features. The first will hopefully catch Dean and Steve out, while the second is designed to get you more involved with the podcast by telling us what you think. If that’s not worth a listen to the best 43rd episode ever done by a football podcast, then we don’t know what is! Email the team: aloadofoldtoffee@gmail.com.

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