A Note From Caldey Island


Looking outside, you could fool yourself into thinking that it wasn’t summer. But it is, and we’re starting to get a little bored here at BoroGuide Towers. With nothing to fill weekends and sporadic news of player movements, we’re very nearly enthused about the Poles versus the Greeks opening Euro 2012 tomorrow…

The prospect of millions of flag-wavers arriving in London and the Queen’s decision to gift us plebs a couple of extra days off last weekend saw BoroGuide travel west. To a place that is apparently called “Wales”. And more specifically to a resort called Tenby, which is called Little Fort of the Fishes in the native tongue.

Just off the coast is Caldey Island. Mainly inhabited by Cistercian monks, it’s quite a calm place and you get the impression news doesn’t travel fast there. In fact, a satellite dish was flown in as a one-off just so the occupants of the island’s monastery could watch the Pope’s funeral in 2005.

You get the impression there is something of a vacuum when it comes imparting details of the world’s events. BoroGuide felt compelled to open up new lines of communications to the island, starting the most important issue we felt the monks needed to know. We were glad to be of service:

Non-League Luton


  1. What a great service it is you offer Boroguide. Not only do you maintain this great site that keeps us informed of all things boro. But you travel to the far reaches of the world and keep the local tribesmen informed of all the important things that will make their lives richer…

    Good Job…


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