Loud and Proud: Gordon Bennett & The Boro’ Boys

By Pete H

Our 1997-8 FA Cup run continues to be the stuff of legends; one of the many remarkable chapters in the story of Stevenage (Borough) FC. But it wasn’t just the memories of Swindon and Newcastle that we still have. Matchday announcer Andrew (Andy) Green had a nugget of inspiration; an idea that normally didn’t come to life unless you were a finalist. Yep – that idea was to release a ‘cup song’. Released with the artist name of Gordon Bennett & The Boro’ Boys, Loud and Proud would become a terrace anthem that would stand the test of time.

For older fans, it’s a reminder of those early cup glories. For younger fans, the ‘cup song’ isn’t so much a thing these days. But you can’t deny that you’ll know the song. You may not know the words, but you’ll get the gist. From 1998 to 2023, Aston Villa are now our latest (if not greatest) FA Cup conquest. For some, that may reawaken memories of yore – including Loud and Proud. At some point along the line, we came by an MP3 version of the song. And you can listen to it here.

We’d like to make clear this artistic work is not ours. We make absolutely no claim to it – and seek to make no gain out of it. We are only sharing this for the benefit of Boro’ fans. If anyone connected with the song wishes for it to be removed, please email us and we’ll do so.

Loud and Proud: Gordon Bennett & the Boro’ Boys

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