The Most Amazing Games Played At The Lamex Stadium

By BoroGuide

Situated in the heart of Stevenage in Hertfordshire, England, is the Lamex Stadium. Home of Stevenage FC, who currently compete in Football League Two, this stadium has seen some classic matches take place over the years. We look at three of the most amazing games to be take place at the Lamex from across history.

Stevenage Defeat Sheffield Wednesday 5-1 in 2011-2

After gaining promotion to League One, Stevenage sent out a sharp signal to the rest of the football world. That signal was how they were intent on making the most of their opportunity in the league.

Hosting rivals Sheffield Wednesday, Stevenage quickly got to work in front of an enthusiastic home side. What unfolded was one of the club’s most impressive routs; putting on five goals to their opponent’s one and thoroughly announcing themselves as title contenders. Goals came from Craig Reid, John Mousinho, Darius Charles, Michael Bostwick, and Lawrie Wilson; securing a final score of 5-1 that sent the home fans wild with celebration.

Stevenage Defeat Newcastle United 3-1 in 2010-1

In the run up to their League One promotion, Stevenage ran in an excellent win against Newcastle United at Lamex Stadium as well.

In the 2010-1 season, Stevenage and Newcastle United met in the FA Cup. Thirteen years earlier, the two sides had tied a match 1-1 in the FA Cup. This time, however, Stevenage were a comprehensive winner in one of the most amazing games at the Lamex for some time. Stacey Long landed a deflected opener, before Michael Bostwick added a second. Peter Winn then sealed the deal to run in a 3-1 victory over their Premier League opponents.

Crossover FA Cup games are often excellent betting opportunities and offer great odds on sites such as Underdog teams playing at home in front of passionate crowds make for great bets. And Stevenage’s 3-1 defeat of Newcastle United wouldn’t be the first time an underdog won their home fixture in the FA Cup.

Boro' have enjoyed some memorable moments at the Lamex over the years

Stevenage Defeat Woking 4-0 in 1995-6 

We long remember season of 19956 as one of Stevenage’s finest year of football.

This may arguably now be eclipsed by our fine runs in the last decade. But the pinnacle of Stevenage’s 1995-6 season had to be our drubbing of bitter rivals Woking at Lamex Stadium. With over 3,000 home fans packing into the stadium on an Easter Monday, the atmosphere was buzzing ahead of kick off. Ahead of this match, the race for the GM Vauxhall Conference top spot was a two-horse race. And both of those horses just turned up to compete in one of the most amazing games at the Lamex in front of a packed out crowd.

Stevenage did not disappoint; our fellow title contenders put to the sword 4-0. Efe Sodje, Barry Hayles, Neil Trebble, and Dave Venables all scored. The match proved pivotal in seeing Stevenage through to the GM Vauxhall Conference title that year. Despite winning the title, we were denied promotion to the next league. At the time, stadium rules were not in our favour. So, promotion would have to wait until some years later.

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