A History Of Stevenage FC

By BoroGuide

After a rocky start, Stevenage finally has its team in Boro’. Our history is full of ups and downs, resulting in a loyal and durable fanbase that will face anything it can with its team. We’ve endured difficult beginnings too. But we overcame them to gain the respect of our peers as we improved over the years. Fans kept them in their minds while hearing their Premier League betting tips and news that maybe, with a fair wind and some good refereeing calls, the Premier League may one day be graced by our presence.

Read on for all the details of the beloved club.

Where it all started

In the year of 1976, tragedy befell the people of Stevenage when Stevenage Athletic were declared bankrupt. The ground was dug up for other purposes and the land sold. It was truly a low time. The club had already replaced one team too; Stevenage Town going under before them.

But better times were sure to come; Stevenage Athletic chairman Keith Berners gathering up a group of volunteers to a new team off the ground. The team’s first game after the destruction of their home turf was held in the town’s King George V playing fields. We soon got on their feet with permission to use the town’s emblem on their kits and “Borough” in their name. In 1980, they acquired a lease for Broadhall Way. And the club’s new home was found.

Strength to strength

We showed great promise; quickly joining the United Counties Football League that year and gaining a 3-1 victory over ON Chenecks in our first game on 16 August. We went on to score 100 goals during our first season; winning the United Counties League Division One championship and the United Counties League Cup in the same season. 

The biggest moment in Boro’s relatively short history was undoubtedly our 2007 FA Trophy win. After reaching the final in 2002, the 2006-7 season saw us come back from a 2-0 loss to beat Kidderminster Harriers 3-2 in front of an ecstatic crowd of 53,262.


After a fair few league titles and an FA trophy, we found ourselves in a bit of a slump. December 2010 saw us defeated four times in six games and landed in 18th position in the Football League. Somehow, we pulled it back; winning nine games out of 11 and propelling ourselves up the table into the play-offs. At the League Two play-offs, we finished in a respectable sixth place – proving we can come back from anything.

The club kicked off their 2019-20 season without a win, causing a string of management replacements. Finally, Alex Revell took the role; seemingly a good fit as he took the team through League Two when all games were halted. This was only an insult adding to injury, however; Boro’ in last place and almost relegated from the league entirely.

Today, Revell is looking to take us a lot higher through League Two; greatly improving on the 2020 attempt that left them in last place. Us fans watch on with bated breath to see if they will bring home another victory. But with a track record like ours, it’s hard not to have faith.

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