Can CBD help world-class athletes with their performance? Here are four possible reasons why athletes can benefit from it...

Health trends often collect a series of celebrity endorsements, there is nothing new about that. But it appears that an unusual number of high-profile athletes have come out in favour of CBD use. And they continue to speak in favour of it today, over two years past the start of the CBD health craze. Endorsements for the substance have been given by football players, UFC fighters, bodybuilders, golf players, and more.

Are these endorsements just a result of financial interests in the CBD market? Or is there something the substance can actually do for performance athletes? In truth, there are advantages to using this novel substance. Here are some of the benefits that CBD can provide for world-class athletes.

1 – Pain management

Pain is a part of everyday life for most high-end athletes, especially since they often don’t have the luxury to let their bodies fully recover from sports-related injuries. And while most sports organizations don’t ban athletes from using doctor-prescribed opioids, many athletes still prefer to avoid them.

Opioids can have severe side effects, and they have the potential of causing chemical dependencies. On top of that, long-term use of opioids can be taxing on your health and potentially lead to liver problems in the future.

These factors make CBD an attractive alternative for athletes looking for a natural pain-management solution. While not as potent as opioids, CBD has analgesic properties, and it can be used without fear of addiction.

A complete review of the scientific literature surrounding CBD was conducted by the World Health Organisation back in 2017, and they concluded that CBD poses no risk for addiction, nor can it be abused for recreational purposes. This review was a big reason why the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its list of banned substances the following year.

2 – Reduce inflammation

On top of being an analgesic, CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties. This is useful for athletes dealing with chronic pain and athletes recovering from injuries. It can also be used to deal with post-workout pain.

3 – Help with stress

CBD is a psychoactive substance with mood suppressing attributes. In fact, CBD is the substance responsible for making people calm down when they smoke Marijuana. THC in isolation is a stimulant, it makes people feel energetic and euphoric.

For athletes, the mod suppressant capacities of CBD make it useful for helping them deal with both stress and anxiety without relying on prescription medication.

4 – Boost sleep quality

The importance of sleep for athletes often goes undiscussed, but if you work out you know how important sleep is for the recovery part of the process. Insomnia can throw a wrench into that process, and affect the athlete’s performance the following day, so getting a good night’s rest can often be considered part of an athlete’s job.

CBD can be helpful for anyone who has trouble sleeping. The substance can calm you down, lower your blood pressure, and even induce drowsiness in high doses. This makes CBD products like the ones sold by Cibdol a useful tool for anyone looking to get more rest without relying on sleeping pills.


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