George Boyd


By Pete H

If we had to choose our favourite all-time Boro’ player, it turns out that George Boyd is that man. But it also turns out that telling you why ain’t the doddle we thought it’d be.

To get our sparkly new concept up and running, we thought it’d be so simple; to show how it’ll work. And how you can do it too if you wanna – or when we come asking. Truth is, we could’ve picked any one of loads of players from our time following the Boro’. Since we first rocked up at Broadhall Way at some point during the 1995-6 campaign, we’ve fallen under the spell of many different lads. Some, to be fair, are less conventional than others.

Jean-Michel Sigere is one, for example.

Why George Boyd is our favourite player?

Out of all the players we fell in (and out) love with, however, none quite stand up to just how captivating Boydie was. And it’s not like we saw it coming when he made his debut back in 2002 against Margate either. Charlton let him go at the age of 15 and he picked Broadhall Way as the place to get his career heading in the right direction.

Too small” is the reason he told Four Four Two for that false start. And he was probably chucked into our first team much sooner than planned too; Wayne Turner‘s squad going down with injuries left, right and centre at the time. But things changed when GW came first time round. Over the next couple of seasons, as Boydie himself says, turned the boy into a man. And just as gladiators ruled over the Colosseum, so would Boydie at BHW.

My Favourite Player: George Boyd

His quick feet started to do no end of damage to oppo teams. And we just can’t think of anyone before who could do such things with the ball. There’s something so funny and satisfying about watching this spritely teenager turn half-a-dozen grizzled Altrincham or Northwich defenders inside out. And back inside again. But maybe it was the peak was post-Westley and under the free-flowing attacking football of Stimmo.

Boydie’s stock had already started to soar as we went into the 2006-7 campaign, but we – well, Phil – held on tight. His goal on the first day at Alty was the highlight in an otherwise drab defeat. But he was starting to win games on his own now; a hattrick against Stafford (who forgot to bring an away kit) in September and single-handedly tearing Merthyr Tydfil apart with four goals in our FA Trophy First Round tie. But it was obvious as we went into 2007 that holding onto him was looking less and less likely.

What is your favourite George Boyd memory?

Posh stumped up the cash (eventually) that made the inevitable happen. You ever said no to £260k? As a Conference club, you can’t. But that obviously isn’t our favourite memory.

We did get one more match out of him before he headed up the road. Aldershot indoors. Signing off in style. And how.

He feinted and ducked and weaved his way through the Shots’ defence on the way to a two-goal farewell; the second just so mesmerising, complete with a pirouette to nutmeg one of the oppo defenders (see below). Thinking about it, we still see Steve Guppy just turning around and clapping in sheer appreciation of the talent.

Boydie was hooked on 90 minutes by Stimmo for a well-earned (and much-deserved) standing ovation – we think – from all corners of the ground.

And that was that

It’s gutting to think he never won anything with us. The 2004-5 Conference playoff final is all there was. Leaving when he did meant he wasn’t around for the 2006-7 FA Trophy final.

But the first proper chapter in his career was at an end; the next one soon to begin. Give it a few years and he’d be tearing it up in the Premier League. Proud would just about cover it.

Can you sum up George Boyd in a sentence?

He’s electric, had a manager who was eccentric and did things we never expected – his name’s George Boyd.

My Favourite Player: George Boyd

George Boyd102 (24) appearances, 32 goals (2002-7)


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