Carlisle United (A)


By Pete H

It should be our final match of the season – and it is still sorta is if we’re using the FIFA 20 Verdict as the official way to decide it all. Of course, we say “still” as if this was the case in the first place. The EFL never said no to our suggestion, just remember that. And, well, we still have the small matter of two matches we’re yet to run through the Verdict. Could all be Hamilton Academical when it all comes to a head over the summer. But we’ll still do this.

Just in case it – and the points – are needed.


FIFA 20 Verdict: Carlisle United v Boro’

(Can’t see the video? Go to YouTube instead)

Even from the supreme comfort of the arse-groove we’ve moulded into our armchair over the past six weeks, the idea of trekking north to Carlisle is bringing us out in a cold sweat. It could also be the bright idea of taking up running when we’re clearly in no state to. This is something that we’d ask of the lads, however, so the least we can do is bend over and turn the PS4 on. It also lets us reach our tinnie too. Multi-tasking.

Based on the wild guess that a win is what we need to pull off a great escape, it makes a good deal of sense to go attacking here. Two up top, dontcha know? It’s been a long time since we felt confident enough to do that. And at half time, we were laughing; two up and looking comfortable.But maybe we should’ve pulled back on the attacking mode. With 20 left on the clock, we were rocked by two Carlisle goals that (to be fair) they deserved.

Still, we dug deep to regain the lead with eight to go. After learning our lesson, we shifted mood and sat back a bit. Yeah. Good one – ‘cos Carlisle also dug deep; Anderton digging one out from the edge of the area in stoppage time. How costly might that one be?

Carlisle United – 3 (Scougall 70, 73; Anderton 90+2)
Stevenage – 0 (Newton 28; CMS 48, 82)

Team (4-4-2): 
Farman — James-Wildin, Nugent, Cuthbert, Leesley — Kenners, Carter, Dabo, List — CMS, Newton

Bastien, Digby, Soares (Dabo 74), TVC, Lakin (Newton 84), Kemp (List 63), Parkhouse

James-Wildin, List, Dabo, Cuthbert

Boro’ MOM:
CMS – 9.2 / 10



FIFA 20 Verdict: League Two Table (as it stands)

  • 22 – Stevenage         45   -20   38
  • 23 – Macclesfield Town 37   -15   33
  • 24 – Morecambe         37   -25   33


Morecambe (A) – 0-0; Scunthorpe United (H) – 3-2; Walsall (H) – 2-3; Oldham Athletic (A) – 4-0; Mansfield Town (H) – 3-2; Macclesfield Town (A) – 1-1; Cheltenham Town (H) – 0-0; Carlisle United (A) – 3-3


Newport County (H), Swindon Town (H)

As we did do a FIFA 20 Verdict for Newport at home before Covid-19 got its hands on the fixture list, we’ve put it back in place; updating the table accordingly.

Stay indoors. Save lives. Let our FIFA 20 Verdict protect our League Two status.