FIFA 20 Verdict: Morecambe (A)


By Pete H

Good news – the EFL has said results predicted by our FIFA 20 Verdict will count towards our final points tally if this season can’t be ended. We *believe* that there will be no other modelling systems considered. And that means no-one else will be getting any points ‘cos we ain’t using it to predict any other games. So, we better not make a total arse of this. Of course, Oldham can make an official complaint if they wish. It’ll just get ignored…*

* At least one bit of the above is true. Most of it is not, however. You’re clever enough to work out which is which. Aren’t you?


FIFA 20 Verdict: Morecambe v Boro’

(Can’t see the video? Go to YouTube instead)

How did it go down? Well, Boro’ started the match in a lively manner and saw plenty of the ball near the Shrimps’ goal. Did we score? Well – no. We did hit the woodwork when Lakin smashed his effort against the crossbar. The game wore on and we, presumably, grew just a bit tired. Morecambe came back into the game and should’ve won it right at the death. A point on the road, though. It doesn’t bring the Shrimps any closer but Macc? Hopefully…

Morecambe – 0
Stevenage – 0 

Team (4-5-1): 
Farman — James-Wildin, Nugent, Digby, Leesley — Kemp, Carter, Carroll, Lakin, List — Mackail-Smith

Bastien, Soares, Kennedy (Kemp 75), TVC, Parrett (Lakin 71), Cassidy, Parkhouse (Mackail-Smith 79)

Leesley, James-Wildin

Boro’ MOM:
Nugent – 7.5 / 10


Now then. Where were we…?