Episode 66


By BoroGuide

It ain’t just the return of GW to celebrate. Like that weird rattling noise on your motor, Old Toffee is back for a fresh attack on your senses. We’re guessing that Steve, Deano and Mark made a joint New Year’s Resolution for 2020 to get the band back together. To mark what is a truly grand occasion, the lads have a really special guest joining them. Of course, we didn’t want to to rely on their collective wit alone. So, we’ve gone all out box office.

Our special guest is a genuine Stevenage A-lister (not the hospital). Don’t take our word for that, however. Ken Follett? Lewis Hamilton? Erm… Ashley Young? You’ll have to hook up the headphones and plug in the speakers in to find out. Go get your kicks from episode 66. We dare ya…

Email in if you want ([email protected]) – who knows what’ll come of it.

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