Who Will Take Home The Football League Two Trophy In 2019?


By BoroGuide

This season, League Two has seen some fierce competition as teams like Lincoln City, Bury and Stevenage have performed well in hopes of climbing the league table. With the League Two Final Day lined up for kick off at 3pm on 4 May, some teams are becoming more likely to win the league and prove themselves.

Here, we are going to look at some of the teams in League Two and consider their performance so far. Keep reading if you’d like to know who we think will win this league and walk away with the 2018-9 trophy.


Lincoln City

Currently sitting at the top of the league are Lincoln City who have managed to win an impressive 22 out of 39 matches so far. With their current standing being in the first position, we expect that anyone who likes to bet on sports would put all of their money on this team taking home the trophy. Of course, you should also consider the number of matches that have been lost and drawn by this team when thinking about placing a bet. Lincoln City so far have drawn 13 matches and lost 4, which still puts them in a good position with 79 points on the board and the number one spot.



Right under Lincoln City in the league table right now is Bury who have played 38 matches and won 20 of them. After their recent win against Stevenage thanks to striker Nicky Maynard, this team has managed to keep their second place position and boost their chances of taking home the trophy when the final comes around. With 71 points in total, Bury have managed to draw in 11 matches and lose 7 in total. When looking at this team, it can be helpful to consider the number of goals scored across the season which currently stands at 71, the highest figure on the league table right now.


MK Dons

With the same number of games won as Bury, MK Dons stand a good chance of making it to the League Two final on 4th May. This team has played 39 games in total and has drawn 9 games so far. Their most recent win came last week when they managed to finish with 2-0 against Yeovil Town. MK Dons have some top players and have managed to land themselves 69 points putting them reasonably high on the table. This might be a team to look out for when the final comes around.


Stevenage FC

We can’t look at the teams in League Two without considering Stevenage and their progress so far. We’ve so far managed to win 15 out of 39 matches; currently ranked in 11th position on the league table as a result. Recent games for this team have included two draws, with a 2-2 against Macclesfield Town and a 1-1 result against MK Dons. With a few matches left to play, there is a chance we can boost themselves up the rankings a little; improving on their current 54 points. With top players like Ronnie Henry and Luke Wilkinson on the squad, we expect even better things from us over the coming matches.


Exeter City

Last year, Exeter City managed to finish in 4th position, just managing to miss out on being promoted into League One. So far in the 2018/19 season, this team have managed to land themselves in 7th position with 17 wins and 11 matches lost so far. While there are still some matches to be played, it is not expected that Exeter City will manage to reach the top of the league and find themselves being promoted. Look out for coming matches against Mansfield and Cheltenham which could see this team scoring a few more points.


Who Will Win?

In League Two, there are currently 24 teams sitting in positions, waiting to score some more goals and move up the leaderboard. With Lincoln City currently at the top, many people would say that they have the best chance of winning. It is important to remember that other teams are close behind and so we could very well see the likes of Bury, MK Dons and even Mansfield Town taking home the trophy.

Looking at sports betting sites, many have their odds in the favour of Lincoln City and this team is expected to be promoted and play next season in League One. For Stevenage, the odds of winning aren’t great. But we have managed to already move higher than last year’s result which left them in 16th. The Boro might not win, but they sure have given it a good shot this season in comparison to last season and for that we are proud.


Final Verdict

League Two has been tense this season as many teams who didn’t manage to make it high on the league table last year putting on a better performance and having the potential to get promoted. If you follow this league, we suggest taking on board all of the things that we have discussed in this article and using it to place your bet on the final result.

Football betting can be a great way of getting even more involved in the sport than you already are and giving your team that extra bit of support to get to the final. Remember to always assess the odds and don’t just bet on your favourite team if you want to end up making some cash. There are more matches coming and plenty more chances for teams to boost their ranking in time for the final.

With the current standings we expect to see Lincoln City, Bury or MK Dons in the final on 4 May. Make sure you are ready for the 3pm kick-off; it’s going to be quite the game.