Reading (Away): The FIFA 18 Verdict


By Pete H

Twice. In fact, it’s twice in a row. That’s how many times our FIFA 18 Verdict has been half right in the past two times it’s been tested. This is a dangerous development. It almost qualifies the time we spend with the PS4 as an actual work of science. It rightly had us not scoring against Reading and Morecambe putting one past us. Of course, it did have the Royals beating us and us beating the Shrimps. The fact the former (in particular) did not come to pass is why we’re doing this Verdict. Meh. Question the results if you want, never the methods…

The FIFA 18 Verdict

Beep, intro music and annoying wait for game pre-roll to end. All done? Sweet. Let’s do this. It is the same side as wot did a kickball up at Morecambe. And if real life comes in any way close to imitating this ‘art’, we’ll take it. Notable highlights? Danny Newton completing his hattrick after the home team’s defence failed to show up ’til about 10 minutes after half time. Lowlights? Tom King being lobbed from 18 yards, despite being stood more or less on his goal line. If we said that’d never happen, though, then we’d have to say none of it would.


Reading 1-4 Stevenage (Edwards 18; Newton 9, 28, 48, Gray 84)

T. King; Henry, J. King, Wilmot (84), Martin; Pett, Gorman (66), Smith, Kenners; Newton (74), Godden

Fryer, Franks (84, Wilmot), Wilko, Conlon (66, Gorman), TVC, Gray (74, Newton), Georgiou




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