By Pete H

Wow. It’s been quite a week, don’t you think? After all, it’s not every week that you find yourself on the same side of the argument as ‘that lot’ across the county border. So, how do you cap a week as historic as this? Well, we’ll tell you – with a trip to lovely, lovely Accrington. That’s how. And what can one say about this weekend’s hosts? Not a lot, to be honest – not if we want this to get past the censors. It’ll be a game that has an edge to it. And, let’s face it, we could have done with holding out for the win against Yeovil in preparation.

But, we didn’t. Not that we need reminding of that late, late sucker punch at the Lamex last weekend. Make no mistake, however. Accy are gunning for us. Stanley could feel as if they owe us one – given how we had no small part in urinating on their automatic promotion parade last term. We can’t take the credit for their playoff blunder, however. That was all AFC Wimbledon’s fine work. Anyway, the prize for winning this game is no more a place in League One than a place in the Conference is the prize for the loser. It’s a loaded one all the same.


Accrington Stanley v Stevenage: Easier Said Than Done…

Accrington Stanley v Stevenage: Expect some pure funk!

Had we not clocked off after four minutes of stoppage time against Yeovil, we’d be going into this game ahead of Accrington in the league. Add those two dropped points to our tally, and we’re sitting 10th with the same goal difference as our hosts. We have more in the Goals For column, however. We also have more in the Goals Against column. Perhaps, though, we do have a small window of opportunity here. Accrington have tumbled out of the formative playoff places of late, failing to win any of their last three league outings.

Do you get the sense we could be at the defining point of our season? The close-knit nature of the League Two table means we are as likely to be in the top half on Sunday morning as we are in the bottom two. We saw that fact illuminated with big feckin’ bells on last weekend. Not for the first time, a win can put us into 10th position. And a defeat can drop us right into some foul-smelling brown material. The sooner you grab these chances by the scruff of the neck, the sooner you don’t have to worry about what will unfold beneath you.

As much as we want to use it, our three-match unbeaten stretch on the road is to be taken with a slight pinch of salt. Mansfield, in 17th, are the highest placed out of that trio. Accrington, as so often is the case, is a different kettle of fish. Mind you, a head-to-head trackback shows we’ve been up to the challenge before. The last time we lost to them came in our first encounter after promotion, with Accy emerging on top at the Wham Rap Stadium by a single goal. Expect this to be feisty, expect them to come at us. Expect some pure funk.

Accrington Stanley v Stevenage: It goes a little bit like these League Two stats from Kick Off:

Accrington Stanley v Stevenage - Stats Accrington Stanley v Stevenage - Stats

Accrington Stanley v Stevenage - Stats Accrington Stanley v Stevenage - Stats


Accrington Stanley v Stevenage: FIFA 17 Verdict

Accrington Stanley v Stevenage: FIFA 17

FIFA 17 is the real deal when it comes to football. Even we, however, don’t expect it to be this realistic. Yes folks, a draw as far as things stand with Boro’ right now might seem an alright result. But if the outcome of our fat-thumbed shenanigans on the PS3 is anything to go by, this weekend will seem awfully familiar. You know – the super Bennedy strike; the late rally to get ahead; and the hosts equalising deep into stoppage time. And after having enough chances to put Accrington away in the first half too! It’s enough to make grown men weep.


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