We’re Back…

By BoroGuide

Independence Day - We're Back

Did you miss us? Did you even notice we’d nipped off for a bit? Yep, that’s right – we’ve been tightening a few screws, touching up the paintwork and even forked out for a new hamster to put in the wheel to give you an improved BoroGuide experience. And our hope is that you’ll find the gaff in much better shape than when you left it. Mobile or desktop; Chrome, Safari or Firefox…

What have we done, then? Well, first thing’s first and that’s the new design. It’s not a million miles off where we were, but we had wanted to make things look smarter: easier font for you to read, tucking some of the ads down the bottom of the pages and an all-round tidy up to make sure we’re representing this club as best we can.

In terms of features, we’ve thrown in a few new things because we have a stonking load of stats to call upon and it’s only fair to be able to share them all with you. Take a look at the Player Records page, and you’ll now find data on Boro’s youngest debutants or goalscorers; go to the Longest Runs page and you’ll find the, well, longest runs Stevenage have been on over the years.

With the runs page, you’ll have to be a bit patient – we’re football fans first, couch potatoes second and web coders nineteenth. It is a page that’s doing a lot of sums in its head, so it takes a while to kick into gear. The local cache means it should load quicker if you come back a second time, but we’ll see if we can do anything about the load time in time. We’ve earned a rest, after all…

What makes us happy is that BoroGuide now has everything that we wanted it to have. And what we wanted to have is what we’d wanted you to have. The information. The data. The players. The results. The ability to satisfy your curiosity when it comes to all things Boro’. And somewhere to revise if you’re going onto Mastermind with the specialist subject of Stevenage Football Club.

What makes us unhappy is that we’re still not quite there on the match data front. Out of the 1960-odd games Boro’ have played to this point in time, we’re missing the teamsheets from 215. It’s not a bad ratio, but our research is starting to draw blanks – not every Comet or Gazette carried line-ups. If you have any programmes that could help us out, we badly want to hear from you.

Otherwise, take a look around the place and see what you think. We’re doing this for you guys (and gals) and we’d love for you to get the best possible use out of it. Are we missing something you’d like to see? Tell us and we’ll tell you why, badly, why we hadn’t thought/forgot all about it. And if we can get it. So get in touch if you want. Else, use it. It’s your Boro’; it’s your BoroGuide.