In The Summertime…

By BoroGuide

Summer Holiday

Just like our Graham, we’ve decided that we’re going to have a period of rebuilding this summer. Don’t get us wrong – we love summer evenings and frolicking as the sun heads off to bed around 10.30pm. But we’re also looking to enhance the BoroGuide experience for the start of the 2014/5 campaign. It’s been a couple of years since we last done up the place, so it feels like the time is right – new division, new look. Or something.

So, what are we planning?

New Design – Apparently, there are now such things as “mobile telephones” that allow you to surf the “interweb”. But it’ll come as no surprise to learn that these screens, while not hugely small, aren’t the size of a computer monitor either. So we’re going to see if we can introduce a more responsive design. This could mean that some content is offline for a brief period, although we’ll focus on the more important stuff. Obviously.

Database – We’re busy plugging away in the back end (we’re adamant that did not come from the joke book of a 1970s comic) to compile many Boro’ statistics into a database. It will hopefully make it a lot easier to find out more about your favourite players, matches they’ve played in and greater matchday trends etc. This will be a long-term project but it is very much underway. That’ll take shape on a much greater level very soon.

History – you might have noticed that there are still some gaps in our knowledge when it comes to goalscorers and line-ups. Well, we’ve been working hard on that front to find those details and think we might be just 50-60 games of having a complete list of scorers from 1980 onwards. Teams are taking a little more effort to locate, but we’re not going to give it up. We’ll keep going back until we’ve exhausted all avenues of research.

There are the major improvements planned this summer. That – and watching the World Cup, obviously. And planning all this makes it easier to last until 2am for Ivory Coast and Japan’s crunch opener or something. In fact, we might just check out the latest World Cup betting and make things a little more interesting. If we win some cash, we’d pay someone to do all of the above for us and naff off on holiday for a couple of months…