A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 15

By BoroGuide

A Load Of Old ToffeeA Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 15: ‘Twas the season to be jolly but now January brings us the season to be gloomy about returning to work. Here at Old Toffee HQ, we’re aware you may need some light, Boro-related relief; so Steve Watkins has returned from his Xmas job in Lapland with his trusty worker elves Mark Hollis and Dean Thompson to give you the first ALOOT of 2013. And there is quite a historic milestone for guest Ben Storey to toast amid all the usual discussion and prattling on. Topics include results, Steve Arnold, Luke Freeman and Marcus Haber, before the focus shifts to Doncaster Rovers. Email the team: [email protected].

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