Sacha Bastien Player Profile

Debut: MK Dons (H, 0-3), 03/09/2019

We’re almost 100% certain there are no attacking players who’d like to see goalkeeper Sacha Bastien coming at them in a one-on-one situation. The imposing French stopper was one of the last new faces to come through the doors at the Lamex before the 2019-20 League Two campaign.

Brought in as back-up to Paul Farman (at least, to start with), quite what we could expect from Bastien was anyone’s guess. That said, our track record of French stoppers on our books is a decent one. The previous one certainly wasn’t a dud. At the age of 25, Bastien still had the potential and time to carve out a career in English football. By joining Boro’, it may be the first step on a long journey. But let’s give him a chance before we start seeing where he’ll be in 10 years time, eh?


Sacha Bastien: Before Boro’

It’s also probably fair to say the signing came out of the blue. Not many people on these shores will know Bastien before his time with us. That’s because he’d spent his career to that point in the French leagues. Not surprising, really, given that he’s a Frenchman. His most recent club was US Granville in the French fourth tier. Mind you, one source claims he’d made the move to Toulon in the third tier just before joining us.

Our limited expertise on French football means we couldn’t tell you. We have a je ne sais quoi approach to it all, really.


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