Phil Wilson Player Profile

Debut: Yeovil Town (H, 2-2), 14/09/2002

Phil Wilson was one of the two new goalkeepers brought in by Wayne Turner at the close of the 2001/2 season to replace the departing duo of Paul Wilkerson and Dean Greygoose. The change was greeted with mixed feelings by the Boro fans, however the majority probably felt a change between the sticks was needed.

Wilson came to Boro as number two, second to Mark Westhead, Phil was a young up and coming keeper signed from Oxford City but seemed very shaky under pressure especially from crosses. During pre-season friendlies many of the Boro fans were very unhappy with he looked and hoped that he just needed to settle in.

He struggled to get first team appearances for the Boro, however he sat on the bench for nearly every goal and always delivered the goods when asked. To Phil’s credit towards the end of his career with the Boro he came on in the second half of two games (Yeovil and Swansea at home) and made some absolutely fabulous, match-winning saves, and many at the Boro thought he had started to reach his potential and he properly has and is doing so.

However with the introduction of Boro’s new boss (Graham Westley) big changes laid ahead for all. One of Graham’s very early signings was Lionel Perez and inevitably he went straight into the squad, leapfrogging Wilson.

With Westhead demoted to the bench Wilson was pushed out of the first team squad, and with Westhead and Perez fighting for the number one shirt there was no way that Wilson was going to make it back into the Boro first team.

So, on 10 March, Phil Wilson was allowed to move on to Ryman Premier Division outfit Ford United.

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