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After resigning halfway through the 1984-5 season due to cash problems, our record against Epping Town was forever expunged. So, technically, you could say we never played them. Except we did. We’ll always have the 1981-2 Eastern Floodlit Cup, for example. But losing those two league results didn’t hurt us. We lost both and not in a narrow manner.

The name is now being revived thanks to a club who have changed names in recent times; originally coming on the scene as Coopersale in 1976.


The Facts

Epping Town: Record vs Boro'


* league points only

Epping Town: Result-by-Result (Boro' Scoring First)

Saturday 16 March 1985

Saturday 17 November 1984

Thursday 11 March 1982

Monday 28 September 1981


Players For Us... and Them

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