Rothwell Town

Club Profile

First Played: 1981-2

Win Rate: 14% (from 7 games)

Last Updated: 30 June 2022

You can believe it or not, but there was a time when taking on Rothwell Town for the first time was a step up in class for us. It sounds like a pretty big statement to make, doesn’t it. After all, we won’t blame (most of) you for not knowing who they are. We’re not even sure you’d be able to pick Rothwell out on a map. But every single team we’ve ever played has shaped our story somehow. And now we have the bones of this particular chapter in more ways than one.

The Bones being their nickname, yeah…?

More than 100 years’ of history came to an end when the club folded at the end of the 2011-2 campaign. An established member of the United Counties League Premier League by the time we first met, Boro’ struggled against them. In the four seasons we played each other, we won once. That came in March 1984 and was the last of our seven encounters; an FA Vase defeat adding to the three seasons’ worth of league fixtures.

After two title wins on the trot in the early 1990s, the Bones moved up in the world; joining the Southern League. They even secured promotion to the Premier Division in 1997. But their time in the Premier Division lasted just three seasons. By the end of the 2000s, their off-field matters started to derail things; not able to use their social club and forced to quit the Southern League in summer 2010. After two seasons back in the UCL, the club were at the end of the road.


Rothwell Town: The Facts

Who are Rothwell Town?

From the info we have to go on, there’s not much to report. Now, that’s a bit unfair on the Bones; their story does way back to the 1895 when they formed as Rothwell Town Swifts – which is longer than most. What comes next, however, ain’t the most spectacular. After helping to create the Northants League, they switched between senior and junior football; leaving the competition on a number of occasions until doing so for good in 1933.

At this point, the Bones spent a few years in the Kettering League. It wasn’t until after the Second World War that senior football came back to Cecil Street. At first, the club were a member of the Leicestershire Senior League. Two years later, however, they’d been one of the United Counties League founder members. Mind you, the competition is an evolution; the former Northants League rebranded. So, did they join the league – or rejoin it?

We’ll let you decide…

Why do we know Rothwell Town?

To start, the Bones were a success as a United Counties League team; winning back-to-back Division Two titles in 1953 and 1954. For some reason, however, you’ll see a six-year gap in their UCL membership between 1956 and 1961. We couldn’t find out what caused that. But the important thing for the rest of this piece is that they returned. In the time between 1964 and 1981, they climbed as high as second on three occasions.

So, what makes 1981 special? Did they finally end their long wait for another UCL title? No. It’d be the next best thing in our view. We joined them in the Premier Division after running away with the 1980-1 Division One title. The Bones, along with the 16 other sides up in the Premier Division, would be the next challenge for a young Boro’ side to overcome…

Rothwell Town: Record vs Boro'

Pl W D L F A GD Pts* WR%
Overall 7 1 3 3 6 8 -2 6 14%
Home 3 1 1 1 4 4 0 4 33%
Away 4 0 2 2 2 4 -2 2 0%
League 6 1 3 2 6 7 -1 6 17%
Cup 1 0 0 1 0 1 -1 n/a 0%

* league points only

Rothwell Town: Result-by-Result (Boro' Scoring First)

Saturday 17 March 1984

Saturday 18 February 1984

Saturday 03 December 1983

Saturday 05 March 1983

Monday 08 November 1982

Saturday 03 October 1981

Saturday 22 August 1981

No Players