The Mysterious World of Mid-Table Obscurity


By BoroGuide

There is something odd about mid-table obscurity. That no man’s land where teams dwell without fear of relegation, but with no hope of glory. As a fan, there is something reassuring about knowing you are going to be safe well before the season is over. At the same time, however, it takes away much of the excitement we crave when going to watch a football match.

Football is all about the passion, heartbreak and glory. At some point, we need some of that in our lives to make it all worthwhile. There may be some West Brom fans yearning for the days when a mid-table finish in the Premier League seemed inevitable. But there will also be others now relishing being in a Championship title battle. At least they have a chance to achieve something this term; something to believe in.


Mid-Table: Always Leaving Us Wanting More?

Promotions and Wembley finals are much better than languishing in mid-table, right?

Image Source: Mattythewhite via Wikimedia

Of course, it doesn’t always turn out that way. Just ask Sunderland fans if they would swap their current position near the top of League One with their 17th-place Premier League finish of 2015-6. Most would take the latter. Reports that mid-table teams are set to become a thing of the past in the Premier League seem to be bearing out, however.

By the same token, being in a relegation battle and surviving brings much more joy that simply treading water in a position of safety. Which would you prefer: the feeling of safety or the thrill of trying to escape from a perilous position. It’s a tough call.

Stevenage have finished the last three seasons in mid-table positions. While there’s been some excitement along the way, it’d be great to be in the hunt for promotion this term. With 18 games gone in the 2017-8 campaign, Boro are 9/1 for promotion with bookmaker Despite being just nine points off the lead and 14 above the drop zone, however, the same bookie also feels we’re more likely to face the drop. That fact probably sums ups our status as a mid-table team this term.

The 2016-7 campaign brought hope until a poor run-in dashed any play-off chances. At least there was a glimmer of expectation though. Last season, there was little expectation; just the odd glance over the shoulder as the stragglers battled it out. This term, the expectation is starting to return as we enter the Xmas period; Boro’ still in the hunt for a place in the top seven.

Promotions and Wembley finals are much better than languishing in mid-table, right?

Image Source: Mattythewhite via Wikimedia

As we found out after the back-to-back promotions in 2009-10 and 2010-1, glory can be swiftly followed by a fall. Sometimes it is worth it just for the ride, though. And as those memories begin to fade a little, it would be nice to have another special journey to look back on? Isn’t that preferable to just another season languishing in the muddy waters of the mid-table wilderness?