Boro’ In UCL Talks: Blast From The Past

By BoroGuide

Boro' In UCL Talks: Man Reading Newspaper 1950s

Now, you know we’ve been trawling the archives of the British Library attempting to connect the dots in Stevenage Football Club’s history – and this is what we’ve discovered: Boro’ In UCL Talks.

We’re not in the business in ripping off our local rags, our writers and their rightful property, but you might not get another chance to read this stuff. And when you do read it, you might just find it to be a fascinating historical jaunt.


Article: Boro’ In UCL Talks

Officials of Stevenage Borough met with those from the United Counties League on Saturday before the Wallspan League game with Luton A.

They were discussing the possibility of Borough joining the United Counties League for next season.

Borough Press Office George Clarke commented: “The United Counties League officials commented they were suitably impressed by our facilities. We should know something definite by mid-April.

With Borough’s applications to the Isthmian, Southern and Athenian Leagues all floundering because of floodlighting difficulties at Broadhall Way, the UCL may be their last chance of senior soccer next season.

The Comet – 26 March 1980

We’ve just started to delve into the pre-senior football history of the club and, to be honest, 1980 is as far back as we’ve got at the moment – mainly because you have to order two days in advance for actual print copies of pre-1980 papers, and we’re clearly not that organised. But this is the path on which we set out to begin our life as a senior football club. Imagine if it had gone tits up at this stage back then – we wouldn’t be here for a start.

The aim is to bring you much, much more of our 1976-1980 history as soon as we can dig it out. And of course, we’re still working on missing match data since then if you can help?