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Welcome to BoroGuide

We are the independent Stevenage FC resource

We are here for supporters, for everyone. Born in 2002, we here at BoroGuide have now established ourselves as the definitive internet resource on all things Stevenage FC; all the players, all the opponents and all the results. With us, you will be able to discover more about the Stevenage heroes of today and the Stevenage Borough heroes of yesterday.

How did Boro' climb the non-league ladder to reach the promised land of the Football League? Who are the teams that we can't help ourselves beating... and those we simply can't beat? And who are those players who have etched their names forever more into Stevenage footballing history with the number of times they've either played or scored for the Boro'?

You can find out all this and more by using the extensive archive we've made available. To you.

Latest Updates

FIFA 18 Verdict: Reading (A)

Reading (Away): The FIFA 18 Verdict

16 January

Twice. In fact, it’s twice in a row. That’s how many times our FIFA 18 Verdict has been half right in the past two times it’s been tested. This is a dangerous development. It almost qualifies the time we spend with the PS4 as an actual work of science. It rightly had us not scoring against Reading and Morecambe putting one past us. Of course, it did have the Royals beating […]

Reading v Stevenage: Reading or not, here we come...

Reading Or Not, Here We Come…

16 January

No points up for grabs and no historic personal milestones; just a chance to travel to either Carlisle or Sheffield Wednesday in the Fourth Round. That’s the bottom line here, folks. The FA Cup isn’t always glamorous, nor is it always romantic. But we’re still in it, and that is more than you can say for holders Arsenal. Into the fiery pits of Berkshire we venture, then, and our first […]

Ronnie Henry lifts the FA Trophy at Wembley 2007

Ronnie Henry: A Boro’ Career In Numbers

13 January

For wordy-birdies like ourselves, we do sometimes have to let numbers do the talking. For a feat as mammoth as setting Boro’s new all-time appearances record, pure and unadulterated numerical figures can put the man that is Ronnie Henry into a *much* easier context to digest. So, come fill your boots. We’ve got numbers, data and digits galore; what you do with them is for you and your own four […]

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BoroGuide Features

We're the independent Stevenage resource, so it's only fair that we've put in the legwork so that you don't have to. At least, when it comes to finding out more about Stevenage Football Club and its players, history and opponents - both current and past. We've also had a bit of fun too, because no-one wants to wake up being a Woking fan.

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From Abingdon Town to York City, north to south; all the teams Stevenage Football Club have ever come up against over the years are all in here...

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Many players have worn the hallowed Stevenage shirt - some were good and some, well, just weren't. Either way, we have info on all of them

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The memorable Boro' journey from 1976 and Stevenage's council pitches to the Lamex Stadium in the Football League - chart the rise of Stevenage FC right here

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Why We Bother

Why We Bother

What is it that keeps you supporting the Stevenage FC lads? You tell us your reasons and we share them with others - it's as simple as that really...

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