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This is BoroGuide:

We are the independent online Stevenage Football Club resource. For supporters, for everyone. We were born in 2002 and have established ourselves as a definitive source of Stevenage FC information; all the players, opponents and results. With us, find out about the Stevenage heroes of today and the Stevenage Borough heroes of yesterday.

How did Boro' climb the non-league ladder to the Football League? Who are the teams we enjoy beating... or struggle against? And which players have etched their names into Stevenage footballing history with the number of times they've either played or scored? You'll find out all this and more with the help of BoroGuide's extensive archive.


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Forrest Gump - Shrimp

A win on the road and a weight off the shoulders. Let’s not go too mad over our midweek miracle at the Memorial, but you have to admit it doesn’t half feel good to go into a place and get the job done. Now it’s back to the Lamex to welcome a familiar friend – Morecambe. If we play our cards right on this one, we may actually move up the table for the first time since, well, a long time. If you’re not familiar…
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Lethal Brizzle?

Shaun of the Dead

Hello, good evening and welcome. Bristol Rovers are a team that’s felt familiar for some time, and yet we’ve never met in competitive circles. After parting with a fair few notes to prise Barry Hayles from us, we’ve not so much as shot a glance in each other’s general direction. Now, however, we’re getting a proper introduction – and we’re all well aware how first impressions count for a lot. The Pirates are doing a passable impression of a League team, which is understandable given they returned in from the Conference cold at the…
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Hatter Patter

Father Jack - Creche

Oh gawd, is it really that time again? It’s Luton Town indoors and it’s much like hosting a child’s birthday party (probably) – you don’t want a bunch of noisy brats running around your living room and making a mess, but you don’t have a choice in the matter. The only hope isn’t that we’re sending the Hatters back to the Bedfordshire hinterlands with a party bag containing three points. We can’t even begin to relish this match. Don’t kid yourself –…
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Latest News:

BBC Sport

Seven-goal match & debut hat-trick
Saturday November 28, 2015

Stevenage 4-3 Morecambe
Saturday November 28, 2015

McFadzean, Cox & Crowe join Boro
Thursday November 26, 2015

Schumacher suffers cruciate injury
Thursday November 26, 2015

On This Day: 29 November

2003Exeter City2-2
1999Merthyr Tydfil4-0
1997Kettering Town0-2
1994Dover Athletic0-2
1982Saffron Walden Town0-1
1980Burton Park Wanderers5-2