Last Updated: 03 December 2021

It's scary to think how many defunct clubs have gone under since helping to shape our story...

5 Of The Best: Clubs No Longer With Us…

At our level, defunct clubs are more of a feature than they should be. Unlike the bigger boys at the top table, there aren’t many with billions to burn and/or questionable reputations who are willing to come in and bankroll a smaller side. And what this means is that teams …

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We weren't too happy with the Disciplinary Commission's decision to spare the Silkmen – not least 'cos we had to look up what 'egregious' means

Egregious – What Does That Even Mean?

We weren’t too happy with the Disciplinary Commission’s decision to spare the Silkmen from the drop. If you didn’t already know, they only lopped off two suspended points for their latest rule breach. So, they stay above us in the table. And we go down. But that’s not been made …

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Ooh mama, this one's a biggie; Macclesfield Town on the road and our FIFA 20 Verdict put to work on working out whether we can get a crucial win

Macclesfield Town (A)

Ooh mama, this one’s a biggie; Macclesfield Town on the road and our FIFA 20 Verdict put to work on working out whether we can get a crucial win. We reckon that all our verdicts in the post-lockdown age would now put us on enough points to be within striking distance of the Silkmen. So, three points here could well be the difference between getting off the foot of the table – and not. Let’s hope we’re switched on and focused until the very end, eh?


FIFA 20 Verdict: Macclesfield Town v Boro’

(Can’t see the video? Go to YouTube instead)

This was a game low on quality and high on tension. But then you might well expect that – given what’s at stake and tha’. While the match wasn’t much of a spectacle, Boro’ were in confident mood and pinned the hosts back into their half for most of the first half. But our efforts didn’t go rewarded. The few genuine chances that were created were passed up.

It was much of the same in the second half. But, with the clock running down, we got the gift we wanted; Elliott List bursting into the box and being felled for a penalty. Newts kept his nerve to add yet another goal to his recent tally and give us what looked a likely win.


But wait! Eager not to give away cheap fouls on the edge of our box, we (for some reason) took the approach of not making any tackles. Macc worked a chance from not much at all; Arthur Gnahoua getting enough on his strike to beat Paul Farman. We did well not to send the controller across the room. No time to do ‘owt about it. A point is all we got. Gahhhh…

Macclesfield Town – 1 (Gnahoua 90+3)
Stevenage – 1 (Newton pen 84)

Team (4-4-1-1): 
Farman — James-Wildin, Soares, Cuthbert, Leesley — Kemp, Lakin, Dabo, List — Kennedy — Newton

Bastien, Digby, Carter, Parrett (Lakin 73), Nugent, CMS (Kemp 66), Parkhouse (Kennedy 83)


Boro’ MOM:
Newton 8.4 / 10


Stay indoors. Save lives. Let our FIFA 20 Verdict protect our League Two status.

Stevenage v Macclesfield Town: Macc up our troubles in our Boro' kit bag and smile, smile, smile...

Macc Up Your Troubles…

… in your Boro’ kit bag and smile, smile, smile. At least ’til 3pm Saturday, when we’re back indoors and back in action; hoping once more to do what’s known in football as a “goal”. It just ain’t happening in front of goal for us. Sure, we got a point …

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Macclesfield Town v Stevenage (23 Mar 2019): Your future hasn't been written yet. No one's has. So does that mean the playoff chase is still on?

Macc To The Future

Your future hasn’t been written yet. No one’s has. Unless you sign up to the notion of pre-determinism, which – for the end of the week – is a bit too deep to go into. And it’s not really our area. Then, what is our area. Nowt in football is nailed on. …

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Stevenage v Macclesfield Town: It's the return of the Macc...

Return Of The Macc…

Oh look. It’s Macclesfield Town, and it’s been a while; the Silkmen are back in the neighbourhood after more than seven years in non-league exile. Or should that be purgatory? We’ll have to ask our friends down the A1 about that some time. For now, though, Macc now come to …

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