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Reading (Away): The FIFA 18 Verdict

Twice. In fact, it’s twice in a row. That’s how many times our FIFA 18 Verdict has been half right in the past two times it’s been tested. This is a dangerous development. It almost qualifies the time we spend with the PS4 as an actual work of science. It rightly had us not scoring against Reading and Morecambe putting one past us. Of course, it did have the Royals beating […]

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Reading Or Not, Here We Come…

No points up for grabs and no historic personal milestones; just a chance to travel to either Carlisle or Sheffield Wednesday in the Fourth Round. That’s the bottom line here, folks. The FA Cup isn’t always glamorous, nor is it always romantic. But we’re still in it, and that is more than you can say for holders Arsenal. Into the fiery pits of Berkshire we venture, then, and our first […]

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Ronnie Henry: A Boro’ Career In Numbers

For wordy-birdies like ourselves, we do sometimes have to let numbers do the talking. For a feat as mammoth as setting Boro’s new all-time appearances record, pure and unadulterated numerical figures can put the man that is Ronnie Henry into a *much* easier context to digest. So, come fill your boots. We’ve got numbers, data and digits galore; what you do with them is for you and your own four […]

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You Can Be A Record Breaker…

Barker, Radford, Biggs, Wood, Corbett, O’Sullivan, Reagan or McDonald; ask a random stranger in the street to name their favourite Ronnie and there’s no shortage of options. They’d be feckin’ confuddled, if not downright scared. But they’d still have a big ol’list to choose from. And Ronnie Moore. Even us as Boro’ fans get to choose from one of three if we had to. With all due respect to Ronnies Lawson […]

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Morecambe (Away): The FIFA 18 Verdict

It’s nice to be wrong. Well, on occasion. Let’s not think we’re out to make a habit of this or anything. And our last FIFA 18 Verdict was at least half right; Boro’ failing to score upheld one side of the bargain we created. A new week brings with it a clean slate; the chance for us to redeem ourselves. That’s not only with our powers of prediction, but also […]

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The Scarlet Shrimpernel

This match finds itself in an unfortunate situation. On one hand, it could well be a historic occasion for us – and for Ronnie Henry in particular. On the other hand, it’s the proverbial filling in our FA Cup sandwich. After failing to bump off Reading indoors, we’ll renew that acquaintance on the other side of this weekend. Now we know it’s Carlisle or Sheffield Wednesday who await the winner […]

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