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Last Updated: 28 April 2020

FIFA 20 Verdict: Crewe Alexandra v Stevenage [07 Mar 2020]

FIFA 20 Verdict: Crewe Alexandra (A)

Turns out our FIFA 20 Verdict can have a punt at predicting how a game will end up – but that sort of needs it to go ahead in the first place. Last week, the endless rain saw that we wouldn’t get to see the 3-3 draw that was in …

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FIFA 20 Verdict: Stevenage v Walsall [29 Feb 2020]

FIFA 20 Verdict: Walsall (Home)

For a moment, we thought our FIFA 20 Verdict was going to land one on the nose last week. So, that’s a decent enough reason to try it again. If Crawley hadn’t seen the need to score a late second goal, we’d have got it spot on. And you wouldn’t …

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FIFA 20 Verdict: Crawley Town v Stevenage [22 Feb 2020]

FIFA 20 Verdict: Crawley Town (Away)

So, our FIFA 20 Verdict isn’t always right – or should that be ‘ever’ right? But we might as well put our trip to Crawley to the virtual test. You never know. It may just come up with the right result one day. And then who’ll be laughing? Exactly – …

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FIFA 20 Verdict: Exeter City v Stevenage [08 Feb 2020]

FIFA 20 Verdict: Exeter City (Away)

It’s high time we pulled our finger out and brought back the FIFA 20 Verdict to discover if our trip to Exeter is where it all starts to go right for Boro’. If your first thought is “no, that’s silly – of course it isn’t”, that’s fair enough. It was …

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Match Preview – Exeter City v Stevenage (08 Feb 2020): (Not So) Great Expectations

(Not So) Great Exe-pectations

Go back just three weeks and we were cock-a-hoop after Cambridge. Then came Exeter – and four straight defeats! Fine, that trip to Sid James’ Park was only a Trophy tie. But it was the start of a run of results that took us back bottom of League Two, …

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Going to the match and thinking about betting on Stevenage? Let our handy guide help you work out what's what and get more bang for your buck...

Betting On Stevenage: Your Handy Guide

Got your weekly pocket money? If you’re heading to the latest Boro’ match, you might be thinking of having a cheeky punt; betting on Stevenage to produce the goods. Or perhaps not. It depends how things are going, doesn’t it? And, if the 2019-20 season has taught us anything, it’s …

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Match Preview – Stevenage v Leyton Orient (01 Feb 2020): The Clock Is Ticking

The Clock Is Ticking

Let’s look at the stats and take the positives to help get us through the next three months – yeah? It’s the best idea we’ve had since five minutes ago, when we decided to take the lift instead of the stairs. No. Wait! Turns out that’s a really dumb idea. …

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Match Preview – Grimsby Town v Stevenage (28 Jan 2020): Grimnastics


The League Two relegation yo-yo battle rumbles on; Boro’ looking and hoping to swap places with Morecambe. Again. So far, both us and them haven’t been able to drag anyone else into this little thing we got going at the foot of the table. That’s even when Macclesfield Town get …

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Match Preview – Stevenage v Plymouth Argyle (25 Jan 2020): Plym Plym Pler-ee

Plym Plym Pler-ee

It’s the second half of this week’s Devon double for Boro’ and it’d be good if this one went our way. After putting in the legwork to get down to Exeter on Tuesday, we were left in no doubt that our time in the Trophy was up. Here we …

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Match Preview – Exeter City v Stevenage (21 Jan 2020): Who Gives You Exe-tra?

Who Gives You Exe-tra?

You can clock up your first away league win of term in a boring way – or you can do it with a big bang. And it seems we chose to do it with the latter; Boro’ sweeping past Cambridge with a style and swagger not seen yet from us …

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