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Being Sent To Coventry

It seems the Football League still has a problem with us. After all that rubbish about being unsportsmanlike with drinks breaks under G-Wezzle, they are giving us a cold shoulder. It is true to say – they are sending us to Coventry. Literally. If you’re from an era like us, …

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Under Starters Orders

Right, we’re about ready for the off here at BoroGuide Towers and look forward to seeing Carlisle United return home defeated once again. The season properly begins tomorrow – discounting the Capital One Cup game earlier in the week – and we’re certainly interested to see how the new-look Gary …

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In the end, the Destiny Train ran out of steam during the final seven minutes of the second leg at Sheffield United. But it’s been kept busy throughout the 2011/2 season – it has taken us to Hillsborough, White Hart Lane and The Valley. Wembley Stadium was, however, one trip …

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Nobody Likes Change

I worked for my previous employer for 10 years. I’d been through an apprenticeship there, learnt my trade there and was comfortable there. I knew my role inside out, knew everybody and had a lot of friends. Then the company hired a new manager who tried to shake things up …

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The Monday Rant: Perspective

The start of a new working week is about as unwelcome as some geezer turning up at your front door, wearing a Woking shirt and asking if he can be your mate. As soon as the alarm clock goes off on Monday morning, BoroGuide is primed to rant. And we …

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