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Wycombe Wanderers (Away): FIFA 18 Verdict

If Boro’ can wrap up this campaign on a high, then what is stopping our FIFA 18 Verdict doing the same? Well, apart from that it rarely comes close to calling the right result, let alone actually being right? We’ll give it the benefit of one last doubt (Before we do it all again next season? Ed.) for our trip to Bucks. We all want to end with a bang. But […]

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It’s The End Of The World As We Know It…

… and we feel fine. It’s been 10 months, but here we are; almost across the finish line of another season. And at bloody last while we’re at it. The 2017-8 League Two campaign has been one that’s given us more to forget than remember, all told. No need to rush out the commemorative Doovdé, that’s for sure. But we’re looking dangerously capable of ending on a high note. With nothing […]

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Ain’t No Rest For The Wycombe…

Oh, if only this was an FA Cup match – right? As we blaze a darn tootin’ trail through the best domestic football marketing platform competition in the world with our blistering five-goal-a-game average, we must go back to the humdrum of League Two this weekend. In contrast to our eye-catching cup exploits, this is a competition in which we boast a slightly less sexy half-a-goal-a-game average. That’s coming from the […]

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The Wycombe Man

Do sit down, folks. Shocks are so much better absorbed with the knees bent. And if we had something to shock you with, you’d be feeling the full benefit right about now. Sadly, we don’t – and that means this intro has all been a bit of an anti-climax, doesn’t it? So, let’s cut to the chase. It’s Wycombe Wanderers indoors this time and another chance for Stevenage Football Club to make […]

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All Quiet On The Westphalian Front?

Guten Tag unsere Freunde und Wilkommen, right? Henning Wehn – now there is a funny fecker if ever we saw one. And yet how many of you know of an unbreakable bond between the stand-up comic and Boro’s hosts this weekend? Oh yes, you are hearing us loudly, clearly and, er, rightly – though not for the obvious reason that both are paid to make people laugh. No, it’s actually that Wycombe gave Wehn his first UK job in 2002. And you thought […]

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Nil Bill

300 minutes – it’s a long time, innit? Empires have risen, fallen and been reimagined on the big screen in the time since Boro’ last found the back of the net. It’s not exactly helpful when you’re being sucked ever closer to the bottom two, but it looks like York and Dagenham are keeping their end of the bargain. That said, it’d be nice to do something for ourselves this time. […]

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