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Wirral Going On A February Holiday…

…no more working for a day or two. And well done to you – yes, you there! You’re the latest BoroGuide winner of a no-expenses paid trip to the wonder of the Wirral. Oh yeah, baby. It’s Tranmere! A place with its own entry in the Urban Dictionary. We’ve not checked what it says, but we’d assume it’s positive? You’d have to go back to nineteen-eighty-shit and take down 101 (or […]

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Here We Go Again…

Goin’ down the only road we’ve ever known, the all-new League Two season is coming towards you like an erratic pigeon. And it means business too, like an erratic pigeon. Look, we can go on about the similarities between the 2018-9 campaign and erratic pigeons all day long. Our own small contribution to the first day, however, is what matters most. Apparently. This is the 16th time we’ve gone through all […]

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Good Fribrations: Tranmere Rovers Indoors

You don’t need to be a Believer to know that Friday equals “good”. All Fridays usually are – because it’s the one period of time that stands between you and the weekend. This one, however, also means a day off in these here erstwhile isles of ours, which means it’s festive football time. And a four-day weekend, which goes down easier than a vintage New Zealand Viognier. BUT! You often have to […]

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Tranmere? You Bet!

Welcome, welcome, and why not have a seat? Now close your eyes – we’re about to head back in time to this stage of the season last year. On 9 March, Tranmere Rovers defeated Oldham Athletic at Prenton Park to revive their hopes of going up. A month before, they were sitting pretty at the top of the table; this 1-0 win lifted them back up to 4th after an […]

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A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 34

A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 34: It’s that time of the week when we all say “I’ve not heard Deano’s voice since Saturday, I’m in need of a fix” – yep, it’s the latest edition of Old Toffee ready to provide you with aural pleasure. Steve Watkins, Dean Thompson and Mark Hollis have interrupted their training plan and are this week joined by guest panellist and not-the-goalkeeper-Chris-Day Chris […]

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A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 24

A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 24: It’s time for another Old Toffee and still no sign of a new manager being appointed, either our Graham or otherwise. Plenty of speculation to discuss and an away defeat at Tranmere Rovers to digest, with the regular trio of host Steve Watkins, Deano Thompson and Mark Hollis joined by long-term Boro’ fan Richard Collins. Could a new manager maybe revive Patrick […]

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