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BoroGuide Chats To… Robin Shroot

If the BBC can give Michael McIntyre a chatshow, then BoroGuide reckons that it can do interviews. Sort of. In the not too distant past, Boro’ midfielder-slash-forward Robin Shroot swapped England for Norway after making the move to IL Hødd. We asked him some questions, Robin answered them – a bit to our surprise. We haven’t editorialised this for two reasons – we don’t have the time and we don’t want to tell you what to think. […]

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A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 44

A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 44: Pack it up, pack it in… let us begin. The award-winning* ALOOT is back for its 44th episode and what a lucky bunch of listeners you are. At this time of year, it is pretty much impossible for Santa’s elves to get any time off. But we’ve managed to excuse Steve, Mark and Dean from making toys and come talk about Boro’ for […]

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A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 42

A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 42: On what is a chilly, crisp but ultimately sunny Friday, we confirm the suspicion that life is good by splurging out the latest Old Toffee audiogram in time for your weekend. Our mutual friends in the podsphere are yet again Steve Watkins, Deano Thompson and Mark Hollis, along with the debuting Lee Harding and Rich Cooksley. We have much to catch up […]

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A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 39

A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 39: What a difference a week can make in football. With a couple of wins in as many games, the mood has taken a decisive swing upwards. Some of us – like Mark Hollis – have been so moved by positive sentiment that they think they needn’t fulfil their podcasting duties. Therefore it’s left to the reliable Steve Watkins and Deano Thompson to […]

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A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 38

A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 38: Tally ho and away we go – there’s much to get through this week and much to say, although we’re not sure how much of it is relevant. Our triumvirate of talk Steve, Dean and Mark – who make Loose Women look good – are just about recovered from the Willow 10K to chew the fat. James Maryan is our guest this […]

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Signs. Of A Positive Nature.

It is understandable that our league form this season may have been prematurely pushing some of our Worry-o-Meters into that horrible looking red zone labelled “PANIC”. But the second half of the second half of the game against Coventry City (you still with us? Good…) makes us think that the light at the end of the tunnel is a little more brighter. One of the things that worries us most […]

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