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Dancing With Wolves

If you needed to be reminded of the gap that exists between the Haves and the Have Nots in League One, this weekend’s game will help you out. On the pitch, there is just a fine line between sticking the ball in the goal and, well, not doing that. But that’s just a reflection of the disparity off the pitch, where money and resources can make a significant difference to […]

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Signs. Of A Positive Nature.

It is understandable that our league form this season may have been prematurely pushing some of our Worry-o-Meters into that horrible looking red zone labelled “PANIC”. But the second half of the second half of the game against Coventry City (you still with us? Good…) makes us think that the light at the end of the tunnel is a little more brighter. One of the things that worries us most […]

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Catching Up: Portsmouth (A)

We know what it must seem like to you. Yes, it has taken us four days to produce our thesis on the goalless draw at Fratton Park, but we have been busy with other things. Honest guv, honest! It is mainly because we realised that ALOOT might need some new artwork – if you were unfortunate enough to have been born yesterday, Gary Smith’s face will be unfamiliar to you. […]

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That Was Easter…

The end of a long four-day weekend is always a tough one to bear. Like a holiday you aren’t ready to come back from, the trudge into work this morning was a weary one. Whether you had a quiet one or a busy one, it was certainly wasn’t the former for Boro’ – and similarly, it certainly wasn’t the former for BoroGuide and that is why we’ve only now found […]

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Tranmere: A Retrospective

Right then, did the 3-1 scoreline really tell the full story of our Tranmere adventure on Sunday? For us, we have to disagree with Ronnie Moore’s assertion that the home side “deserved” the victory. Now, we’re obviously going to a little biased here but were they even the better side over the full 90 minutes? Or are we being too generous and a little rose-tinted in our view of Super […]

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Insert Considered Response Here

Post-mortems are never pretty things to undertake. We’ve seen enough Silent Witness and the like to realise that much is true. But one is certainly needed after what was, in truth, an utterly abject display at Peter Griffin’s Park last night. The best thing we could say is that it took two excellent goals to see us off; Brentford may well have faced some tough questions about how they had […]

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