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Some Thoughts About Yeovil

“By 15 games it’s no fluke, it’s not lucky. They are up there for a reason…” – not our words, the words of Top Gear magazine Yeovil Town manager Gary Johnson (remember him)? A chilly Somerset is the destination for Boro’s next outing this evening and offers the perfect chance to banish the demons of the last two games. Where better than a ground Boro’ won by six goals at […]

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Tinfoil Cups At The Ready

Is yours ready? The great FA Cup adventure is about to begin for another year and it is still a little novel to be starting in Round One, rather than the dear Fourth Qualifying Round. It is perhaps fair to say – and with no disrespect intended – that Rotherham United away isn’t the salivating encounter we would have once considered it to be. It’s a mere four years ago […]

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Introducing: Paolo Di Canio

As the photo to the left illustrates, Paolo Di Canio is a fairly genial, understated person and is rarely seen to be making waves. Those in the seats behind the away dugout can, therefore, not expect any theatrics as the league season moves on with Swindon at home. How we said that with a straight face, we don’t know… but it will be very interesting to see how things pan […]

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Pomp-ey And Circumstance

Well. That’ll learn us. If we ever feel compelled to be mildly concerned about our prospects for an upcoming game, we’ll do well to take a cue from this week’s wonderful victory at MK Dons. In bouncing back from the defeat at Colchester United so admirably, we also get the added bonus of reducing the gap between ourselves and Tranmere Rovers to four points. It was, as they say, a […]

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It’s Easy MK

OK, don’t believe the blog title. It certainly won’t be easy MK. Tomorrow is arguably Boro’s toughest test of the season to date, and it doesn’t help that it comes off the back of our first league defeat of the season. Having gone 10 unbeaten, we’ll have to go some in order to not record two defeats on the spin. And as we said earlier this week, it’ll be good […]

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A bit of Roman history for you there. Camulodunum obviously being the historic name for what we oiks now call Colchester. And like the Romans, last season was a tale of going and seeing and conquering. In a six-goal fashion. But let’s nip this in the bud right now – it was a freak result and it will NOT be occurring again. Just remember the 0-0 return fixture for proof […]

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