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Ringin’ In The New… Port?

It’s out with the 12-year-old port you’ve been guzzling down your cheese with this Christmas, and now in with the Newport from the arse-end of Wales. Or ‘South Wales’ as it’s known in official diplomatic circles. True dat. The New Year is now upon us and we hope you have your resolutions ready to break before the weekend gets to us? Ours is to learn the piano. Seriously. Then again, […]

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Rodney Parading

Call us crazy, but we’ve this strange feeling the Pools Panel may have to call this one. Storm Callum is rockin’ and a-rollin’ around the South Wales coast; bringing with it an Amber warning for rain that’s due to last until Saturday evening. And let’s face it – Dave Parade ain’t exactly well known for taking the weather well. That’s what happens when you share a home with some egg-chasers. […]

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Newport County (Away): FIFA 18 Verdict

One of those results, so it was. A 4-1 shallacking that, had our misunderstood FIFA 18 Verdict dared predict it, we’d have all rolled our eyes and gone “oh right, yeah”. That said, it’s rolling back into town after a one-match absence (Or is that ban? Ed.) for Newport County away. And let’s be clear about one thing before we call it all wrong again. You don’t need to pay £5.60 to watch […]

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Oh, but wasn’t it written in the stars for all to see? That Dino’s first win as Boro’ boss would come convincingly at the expense of a, quite frankly, buggered Barnet? In the space of one Bank Holiday game, our gaffer saw us score more times against the Bees than he managed to during his time at The Lamex. That much ain’t really so important, but the three points were. […]

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The Great British Kick Off

Guess what’s back, back again; football’s back, so, uh, do tell a friend. That said, any friend with an ear to the ground is already up to speed with what matters. The new season is now upon us, almost three months since the last one left us high and dry with a rather grim home defeat to Accrington. That’s behind us now, though. We can’t change the past, but we […]

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County Hunters

In the end, it didn’t turn out to be that much of a merry Christmas. Nor has it been a happy new year – so far, at least. Stevenage Football Club have a fine chance to take a big ol’ spanner to those misfiring works this week, however. And, with it, comes an equally fine chance to put our irritating home hoodoo to bed as well. Well, at least that’s what hope. […]

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