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From Stags To Riches?

For 10-or-so minutes on Easter Monday, we’d put ourselves in the box seat. Getting in front against Exeter had lifted us into the top seven for the first time since we can’t remember when. Then the Grecians spoiled it all by doing something stupid like score too. It’s a bit annoying that other results went our way ‘n’ all. But nowt much has changed in the grand scheme of things. […]

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Bah, Slumbug…

Cor! If Christmas is a time of year that’s ablaze with the roaring fire of festive cheer, hasn’t our Lewis Hamilton done his bit to douse the flames? If anyone caught the parlour folly that is BBC Mainstream Sports Personality Of The Year, our famed Billy Whizz made a silly reference from coming from the ‘slums’. It’s got everyone from Corey’s Mill Sainsbury’s to Broadwater Tesco in a right fluffery […]

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Mansfield Town (Home): FIFA 18 Verdict

It’s not that our FIFA 18 Verdict got it wrong last week, oh no. It’s that Boro’ failed to prove it right. Or at least fulfil its prophecy. You know it, we know it and Newport County know it too. They were lucky to come out just with a 1-0 hiding; the chances passed up by our lads being all that stopped us racking up a rugby score. That’d have […]

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Push pineapple, and shake that tree! Yes, it’s Mansfield Town indoors – part deux; a second crack at trying to get this fixture noted in the records as ‘Completed’. For our non-dom readers or those of you recently out of hibernation, the last time the Stags were meant to be popping round for tea and biscuits was axed when the town of Stevenage was wiped off the map by snow. […]

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All We Know Is… They’re Called The Stags

Some say that our defending from set-pieces could be better, or that – on the road – our fortunes rest on the ‘keeper having an off day or Fraser scoring a worldie. All we know for sure, though, is that we’re back indoors. And it is for the visit of the now-rudderless Stags of Mansfield that we’re having to give the gaff a little clean. We’ll need an orange ball […]

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Y’all ready for this? We’re into the last knockings of the 2016-7 League Two season, the death throes if you will. And it’s an idea to strap in tight ‘cos, make no mistake, the final three regular dates promise to contain more ups and downs than an, erm, well, an uppy-downy thing. Boro’ go into this crunch clash with Mansfield Town, us still hoping for one of the places at the playoff table. The problem? So are the Stags. And about eight others […]

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