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The Preston Factor

It’s not the usual type of Monday. As we’ve not had to force ourselves from our bed at what can only be described as an ungodly hour, we’re less inclined to rant. Having said that, this Easter bank holiday presents us with the much-anticipated return of ex-manager Graham Westley. Many have been waiting for it. Now it’s here… After the “off-day” at Tranmere Rovers on Good Friday, Gary Smith’s Stevenage […]

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The Monday Rant: Groundhog Day

Another weekend ends, another Monday begins. And yet there is a familiarity about things at the moment that has entrenched us in this endless, repetitive loop of draws, late Carlisle winners and head scratching: Just how do we win? With it, annoyingly, remain the calls of some for drastic management changes and manic finger pointing that isn’t going to resolve anything. If it wasn’t already the case, every game for […]

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Colchester Patter

“No regrets, Kit. That’s what they’d say” – We’ve decided to steal borrow a line from Neil Jordan’s Michael Collins for a reason, even if it’s not immediately obvious. It has no real significance except in its literal form. Taking on Colchester United tonight, who are just five behind us, gives us a chance to set a marker for the season’s run-in. Recent form has kept the points tally ticking […]

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The Monday Rant: Perspective

The start of a new working week is about as unwelcome as some geezer turning up at your front door, wearing a Woking shirt and asking if he can be your mate. As soon as the alarm clock goes off on Monday morning, BoroGuide is primed to rant. And we reckon this could be a regular thing. It’s never helpful when the weekend’s football has given us a result that […]

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