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The Final Curtain

Nearly there folks, nearly there. There hasn’t been a lot from the 2013/4 campaign to put on the Doovdé Highlights – it’ll be a shorter watch than Great Michael Warner Goals Of Our Time (£1.99, VHS/Betamax). And after spending a good few months somehow losing to sides doing barely passable impressions of third tier teams, we’d rather not have to go to the home of a team like Brentford. Y’know, someone good. But those are the breaks […]

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“Relief? Well, now let us see. Y’know, we don’t have any idea what that means. We know what you think it means, Mr Westley. To us, it’s just a made up word. A manager’s word, so young fellas like can wear a suit and a tie, and have a job…” The interpretation of just one word can be varied, don’t you think? First we were humbled, now we’re relieved? We aren’t too sure about that in the context […]

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And On The Third Day…

We’ve already touched on the reasons why this fixture is as welcome as an arsonist at a fire safety convention. After failing to beat teams in and around us in recent weeks, this season is looking like it’ll have a deeply unhappy ending. Now we go to a side who made Hull City work for their place in the FA Cup final and who, despite being deep in trouble earlier […]

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Holding Out For A Hero

And so we come to what could be described as Boro’s biggest game for at least a couple of years. Colchester United are in town and – beg, borrow or steal – we need three points to breathe new life into our slightly faded hopes of staying in this division. Many of our rivals are starting to think our local Fat Lady is starting to clear her throat and we’ve […]

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Inspector Shrewseau

And so within the space of days we go from playing the top team in the league to playing the team that now sit at the foot of the table. Off we go to Shrewsbury Town and, well, it must surely be one of the most crucial games of the campaign? With six games to go, the the finish line is in sight and there is such a wild spectrum […]

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Crying Wolf

Well, what do you know? It’s top versus bottom and if you’ve somehow managed to keep yourself in the dark about Boro’s progress this season, here’s a clue – we ain’t top. This is not what we’d consider the ideal game to have after a pretty lacklustre point against Port Vale, a side who has an away record less convincing than Tottenham Hotspur’s defending. We’re feeling just a little apprehensive […]

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