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Three games. Is that it? Is that all that remains of the 2012/3 season? A quick glance at the fixture list tells you no lies – yet another interesting campaign in the life of Boro’ has nearly come to its conclusion. From the early promise of those sultry autumn afternoons up north in Doncaster and Coventry to winter gloom and weather to match – the close season seems as if […]

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What Became Of The Likely Lads

Please don’t get us wrong, See we’ll forgive you with a song we’ll call the Likely Lads. But if it’s left to you, We know exactly what you’d do with all the dreams we had… ‘Cause blood runs thicker, Oh, we’re big-strong-and-physical, you know; If it’s important to you, it’s important to us; We’ll try to make you see, But you don’t wanna know – you don’t want to know… […]

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Press On

“Now that’s how you supposed to drive! From now on, that’s how you drive!” – We feel it is important that Mike Lowrey (Will Smith’s character from the seminal 1995 police fillum Bad Boys) makes a point about Tuesday’s victory against Brentford. It must be regarded as a watershed; the revived norm and not the exception. Boro’ are much more capable than it has appeared in recent weeks, so let’s […]

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On Brentford

Sometimes it feels as if you’re in a group of people standing close to a rather large hole and your only saving grace is that there are a few more in front of you. Of course, things as they stand mean that we’re a good foot from the edge of that hole. But it only takes three or four of those in front of us to misbehave and we’re suddenly […]

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The Last Chance Saloon?

It is not often thought to be a good idea to take Borochat as a barometer of public opinion on the Lamex terraces, but it does lead us to believe there has been a alarming increase in the number of people unhappy with the current management team. There’s also the sense that tomorrow’s encounter with Colchester United is some form of proverbial Last Chance Saloon. We’re not convinced, but a […]

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Belinda Carlisle

Oh baby do you know what that’s worth? Oh, heaven is a place on earth. Carlisle. Belinda Carlisle. Marvellous. Belinda Carlisle that is, not Carlisle. That said, we’ve never been – it is probably quite decent as Anglo-Scottish border towns go. What we do know is that Carlisle – not Belinda Carlisle – is the next port of call for a resurgent Boro’ team looking to get two straight league […]

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