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Wycombe Wanderers (Away): FIFA 18 Verdict

If Boro’ can wrap up this campaign on a high, then what is stopping our FIFA 18 Verdict doing the same? Well, apart from that it rarely comes close to calling the right result, let alone actually being right? We’ll give it the benefit of one last doubt (Before we do it all again next season? Ed.) for our trip to Bucks. We all want to end with a bang. But […]

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Coventry City (Away): FIFA 18 Verdict

It’s not something we’re proud of, but last week’s FIFA 18 Verdict told you so. Well, it told you we’d score three quarters of sod all indoors against Cambridge. It also, admittedly, had them down to get diddly squat too. So, it means we are none the wiser if you can take this to-do any more seriously for our trip up to Coventry. Well, any more seriously than you already […]

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Cambridge United (Home): FIFA 18 Verdict

Just when you thought our FIFA 18 Verdict might have struck gold, Mansfield equalised. Our beef with Boro’s midweek draw is not so much our failure to rise another couple of places in the table than we ultimately have (three instead of one). No, it’s more that our poor, maligned preddy system got given another harsh lesson in how real life does things. And now it’s going to get given […]

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Mansfield Town (Home): FIFA 18 Verdict

It’s not that our FIFA 18 Verdict got it wrong last week, oh no. It’s that Boro’ failed to prove it right. Or at least fulfil its prophecy. You know it, we know it and Newport County know it too. They were lucky to come out just with a 1-0 hiding; the chances passed up by our lads being all that stopped us racking up a rugby score. That’d have […]

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Newport County (Away): FIFA 18 Verdict

One of those results, so it was. A 4-1 shallacking that, had our misunderstood FIFA 18 Verdict dared predict it, we’d have all rolled our eyes and gone “oh right, yeah”. That said, it’s rolling back into town after a one-match absence (Or is that ban? Ed.) for Newport County away. And let’s be clear about one thing before we call it all wrong again. You don’t need to pay £5.60 to watch […]

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Grimsby Town (Away): FIFA 18 Verdict

Ooooh, the little tinker. It didn’t ‘arf go and get our hopes up last week. New gaffer, new chapter was our FIFA 18 Verdict’s, er, verdict. It didn’t turn out that way though, did it. Rather than stunning Colchester United with a trio of second half goals to take all three points, Boro’ reverted to what has become the type for this season. And, in doing so, this highly-tuned prediction […]

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