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Craw And Order

If any match report from last week was more than one word and could be printed without a parental advisory sticker, it was over-written. Awful, dire or rubbish; that’s putting the 2-0 reverse up at Cambridge mildly to say the least. To have now given six points to a team struggling towards the bottom of the table doesn’t do much for our mood; ours last Saturday night was as negative […]

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Crawley Town (Away): The FIFA 18 Verdict

It’s the 43rd most glamorous English football match due to take place this weekend. Of course, this is our own scoring system we’re applying here. But you come round here to our gaff and convince us that Grimsby Town v Accrington Stanley is the stuff dreams are made of. Not bloody likely. Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh yes, right – our trip to Crawley. And having now escaped […]

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So, is it more that Chesterfield were that bad than us turning a corner? Or that Lincoln City are chugging along nicely in League Two this term? Or maybe even a combination of both? Either way, one thing we won’t need to debate all night long is Boro’s run on the road right now. In the league, it’s a barren spell that is stretching back seven matches. Our hopes of ending […]

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Night Crawlers

Oh dear. The home defeat to Lincoln at the weekend put us in a right fluffery buffery, make no mistake. Our unbeaten run, for what it counts for at this stage of the season, is gone like the wind. It’s never going to look good on paper if a team with one less man than your own comes from a goal behind to win a game. Well, one man less […]

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Quick Draw McCraw…

It’s a brave new world, folks. We don’t mean Article 50 or what that orange lad in the White House is planning next. No, we mean the world in which we get to look back on a Boro’ win and clean sheet as part of the one package. Now, to see if we are able to do something that no Stevenage side has done since November 2016 – and make it two on the bounce. On one hand, the […]

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Better The Devils You Know?

It’s true. A week can be a long time in football and Stevenage went a long way to proving that last week. Let’s not focus on the defensive white flag we fluttered in bidding our farewell to August at Grimsby. No, we’ll bask in the lovely warm glow of what we hope is the beginning of Boro’s Indian Summer instead. By the time Matt Godden got himself on par with Fraser Franks, Ben Kennedy and Tyler Walker in the scoring charts, Hartlepool United were […]

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