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5 Of The Best: Results From The 2018-9 Season

It’s a long old season. And then it goes; booking it, packing it and naffing off to the sun – as some lad more or less once said. What are we left with? Not much ’til the pre-season friendlies roll around, that’s what. So, to get ourselves through the long close season, we’re looking back at some of the highlights of last season. Here are some of what we think […]

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Shakin’ It Up Like A Polaroid Picture

In the end, the glow of our great 2016-7 League Two adventure began to fade towards the end of term. After making April Fools of Barnet, Boro’ forgot how to win. And that’s why, of course, the playoffs are taking place without the benefit of our valued input. You’ll no more define our season by an epic run that launched us into the top seven as those six final, winless fixtures that cost us a shot at promotion. It’s […]

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One Out, One In…

In a move that comes as a greater surprise than the continued demand for five-day-a-week Emmerdale, it appears our old pal Bira Dembele has now settled on his next career move. League One had been the likely destination for our one-time defensive goliath; his impressive displays in the back end of last season believed to have raised some serious interest in his services. But trading the leafy surrounds of Stevenage Football Club for county underlings and Jubilee […]

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In The Summertime…

Just like our Graham, we’ve decided that we’re going to have a period of rebuilding this summer. Don’t get us wrong – we love summer evenings and frolicking as the sun heads off to bed around 10.30pm. But we’re also looking to enhance the BoroGuide experience for the start of the 2014/5 campaign. It’s been a couple of years since we last done up the place, so it feels like the time is right […]

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A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 28

A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 28: It’s the end of the season and the Old Toffee team are having a party. You’re all welcome to join in with the frivolities and festivities, with host Steve Watkins joined by (t)wits Dean Thompson and Mark Hollis. The guests for this podcast are a veritable collection of faces from the season just gone, including Geoff Wode, Tony Creek, Liam Govey, Ken […]

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All Over Bar The Shouting

There she goes. Leaving on the 16.42 from Waterloo for the evening White Star steamer to the New World. It has been an emotional, enthralling few months where moments of utter joy had been entwined in frustration and, at times, despair. But now she is leaving your life for the last time. Yep, the 2012-3 campaign has decided to go without so much as a wave of a white handkerchief […]

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