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Send In The Clowns…

Oh look, the circus is back in town! If you make any link with the fact that our next game is against Cambridge United indoors, that’s all on you. We have every inch of respect for our near and, let’s face it, less enlightened neighbours. That sentence nearly escaped from our laptop with a straight face ‘n’ all. So near, but yet so far; it is probably about time that […]

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Ebbsfleet United: Remember Them?

There but for the grace of the footballing gods go us, right? It’s almost interesting (“Almost”. Ed.) to see what became of sides we used to spar with regularly with during our Conference days. For each Crawley, there is a Kiddy; with each Morecambe, there is an Altrincham. For the few to make it up, an equal and opposite number (if not more) went the other way. And Ebbsfleet United […]

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Mansfield Town (Home): FIFA 18 Verdict

It’s not that our FIFA 18 Verdict got it wrong last week, oh no. It’s that Boro’ failed to prove it right. Or at least fulfil its prophecy. You know it, we know it and Newport County know it too. They were lucky to come out just with a 1-0 hiding; the chances passed up by our lads being all that stopped us racking up a rugby score. That’d have […]

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Push pineapple, and shake that tree! Yes, it’s Mansfield Town indoors – part deux; a second crack at trying to get this fixture noted in the records as ‘Completed’. For our non-dom readers or those of you recently out of hibernation, the last time the Stags were meant to be popping round for tea and biscuits was axed when the town of Stevenage was wiped off the map by snow. […]

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Newport County (Away): FIFA 18 Verdict

One of those results, so it was. A 4-1 shallacking that, had our misunderstood FIFA 18 Verdict dared predict it, we’d have all rolled our eyes and gone “oh right, yeah”. That said, it’s rolling back into town after a one-match absence (Or is that ban? Ed.) for Newport County away. And let’s be clear about one thing before we call it all wrong again. You don’t need to pay £5.60 to watch […]

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Oh, but wasn’t it written in the stars for all to see? That Dino’s first win as Boro’ boss would come convincingly at the expense of a, quite frankly, buggered Barnet? In the space of one Bank Holiday game, our gaffer saw us score more times against the Bees than he managed to during his time at The Lamex. That much ain’t really so important, but the three points were. […]

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