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Reach Out (Carlisle Be There)

Five games left, then. And, sure, didn’t the lads learn a lesson from being carted off to Grimsby after the Notts County debacle? Three points for us, two goals for Kurtis and one happy set of fans at 5pm last Saturday. Now, for the tricky part: a repeat performance that does the trick against a Carlisle side who (we’re guessing) set off from the North on Tuesday morning to make […]

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It’s Grims O’Clock

Well, it’s been an exhaustive investigation. And it’s been a drain on the public purse. But we have no evidence that last week’s result against Notts County was an elaborate and early April Fool’s jape. Sorry about that. It’s as you thought. Just a piss-poor day at the office that (finally) killed off the idea we might somehow make the playoffs this term. At least it was clear. Didn’t be […]

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Tied Up In Notts…

From last week to this, it’s one relegation straggler to another for Boro’. And it’s a bit of a downgrade too; our guests propping up the League Two table and that. In some ways, we did ’em a favour last week by holding the Silkmen of Macclesfield to a score draw. But we didn’t exactly do ourselves a favour by letting in another goal in stoppage time. Yet. Again. Two […]

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Macc To The Future

Your future hasn’t been written yet. No one’s has. Unless you sign up to the notion of pre-determinism, which – for the end of the week – is a bit too deep to go into. And it’s not really our area. Then, what is our area. Nowt in football is nailed on. Just ask the Leeds United lads not so long ago cruising back to up the Premier League and now falling […]

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Dons Go Breaking Our Heart…

Just five minutes are left on the clock. We’re that close to signing off a much-needed first win since the start of February. And on comes the living legend himself, Ronnie Henry, to bring up 500 outings in Boro’s red and white and blue and black and yellow and whatever other away colours we’ve won over the last 14 years. Well, what can we say? The man loves setting records […]

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Rockin’ Robins

Just for a moment there, our hopes flickered a little brighter in the mundane darkness that is League Two. We might just be having a breakdown, sure – we’ve been listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran recently. But we’re kinda thinking the pressure (if there was any) is off us now. Our hopes of making the playoffs have receded as much as the hairline of Bobby Charlton in his […]

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