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The Monday Rant: Groundhog Day

Another weekend ends, another Monday begins. And yet there is a familiarity about things at the moment that has entrenched us in this endless, repetitive loop of draws, late Carlisle winners and head scratching: Just how do we win? With it, annoyingly, remain the calls of some for drastic management changes and manic finger pointing that isn’t going to resolve anything. If it wasn’t already the case, every game for […]

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Wycombe Wondering

It’s such a lovely day again, isn’t it? In fact, we just went for a particularly pleasant stroll in and around Hitchin. Yep, “pleasant” and “Hitchin” in the same sentence. Groundbreaking. While we were out, we caught sight of a butterfly. Its wings were red and white with a little bit of black. If that isn’t a sign of good tidings to come, then we’re packing our bags and off […]

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Baby, We Were Bourne To Run…

The Boss speaketh unto you dear Boro’ brethren on this wonderful, marvellous Tuesday in March. It’s days like this we should be at the seaside, but them at the Football League – they have the seaside coming to us. But at Boro’, we don’t build our castles on the sand. We build them on the rocks of Roberts and of Ashton and of Bostwick. And maybe Laird. Let’s have a […]

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The Monday Rant: First Half

Do you remember the last time we scored a goal in the first half of a game? And don’t say Sheffield Wednesday, because that doesn’t really count. Not when the ball hit Scott Laird and went in, rather than the other way around. In a world of great expectations, we could be a little arsey about this. But ild speculation and panic never solved a crisis. But it’s not our […]

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The Walsall Pact

In a part of the division we needn’t concern ourselves, there is a battle raging where the team with the longest fingernails will cling on to League One status. And that means an inevitable struggle for those lofty teams – like Stevenage, of course – against those scrapping for points. A warning: Tomorrow will not be pretty… In terms of team selection for the trip to Poland (snarf), Smiffy has […]

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Next Goal Wins…

This is a struggle. It really is. With each passing sentence, we’re thinking of a song title that could form the basis of a semi-humorous Slew pun. His loan spell had been meant by Gary Smith to give Boro’ a little extra punch in front of goal. No doubt the quite literal nature of his dismissal last night raises just a hint of irony. A third successive clean sheet is […]

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