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The Monday Rant: Technology

We are certainly never one to miss a bandwagon here at BoroGuide. Especially if it moves nice and slowly, while offering a free in-flight beer and pie (terms and conditions, as they will no doubt tell you, do apply). It comes, therefore, as no surprise to learn that we are in rowdy agreement with the calls for football to become a little more “21st century”. Football believes itself to be […]

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Pre-Match Toffee

Stevenage is fast becoming the Football League club you can set your watch, or associated timepiece, to. The moment that Boro’ put the ball in the back of the net, you can be sure it is 3.58pm (on Saturdays) or 9.41pm (on weekdays). And always in time to make a chump of the journo who thinks his copy is ready to be filed. Sharpen pencils, and re-write dear fellow… The […]

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Nobody Likes Change

I worked for my previous employer for 10 years. I’d been through an apprenticeship there, learnt my trade there and was comfortable there. I knew my role inside out, knew everybody and had a lot of friends. Then the company hired a new manager who tried to shake things up and work “his way” and I didn’t like it. The reason for this wasn’t because I didn’t agree with the […]

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The Preston Factor

It’s not the usual type of Monday. As we’ve not had to force ourselves from our bed at what can only be described as an ungodly hour, we’re less inclined to rant. Having said that, this Easter bank holiday presents us with the much-anticipated return of ex-manager Graham Westley. Many have been waiting for it. Now it’s here… After the “off-day” at Tranmere Rovers on Good Friday, Gary Smith’s Stevenage […]

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A Bad Day At The Proverbial…

The Football League Show isn’t a programme we’ll be watching tonight. Horror isn’t really our cup of tea here at BoroGuide and we’d sooner watch Saw 3 before we contemplate the  scenes of a quite disturbing nature that were Tranmere’s goals yesterday. At least it wasn’t full price on the gate, otherwise it could have felt worse. There is undoubtedly a great deal to forget about the visit to Merseyside. […]

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Unwavering Optimism And All That Jazz…

The nation, it seems, remains gripped by talk and paranoia over the possibility of a striking crisis. Are they referring to the petrol tanker drivers, or the fact that Stevenage are without a number of their front men for the trip to Tranmere. We know which is more important to national security and in the public interest; sadly, it isn’t Chris Beardsley’s hamstring. If we’ve got this right, and we […]

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