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The Monday Rant was launched last week with the intention of being a weekly feature that serves to channel BoroGuide’s footballing frustrations at the start of the working week. It’s something we very much intend to pursue over the coming weeks and are sure there’ll always something football-related to complain about. In a light-hearted manner, of course. But not this week… There are times we have to remind ourselves that […]

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The Land Of The Giants

Hartlepool first-team coach Neale Cooper gives us an interesting metaphor to ponder on this liberating Friday evening. “They’re like land of the giants,” Cooper told the BBC. Our first thought is how a group of players can be like such an entity. And our second thought is that we probably ought to get out more. It is the first of five away league games left before the end of the […]

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Cult Classic: Carl Alford

Carl Alford. A man so far up the list of BoroGuide’s bestest ever Stevenage players that he commands a tremendous view overlooking the Sussex coast and, on a clear day, Guernsey. After Barry Hayles had departed for the pastures of the Football League in 1997, Boro’ had been unable to use that famous FA Cup run to paper over what was an otherwise poor 1997/8 campaign. Goals were needed. Gary […]

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The Monday Rant: Perspective

The start of a new working week is about as unwelcome as some geezer turning up at your front door, wearing a Woking shirt and asking if he can be your mate. As soon as the alarm clock goes off on Monday morning, BoroGuide is primed to rant. And we reckon this could be a regular thing. It’s never helpful when the weekend’s football has given us a result that […]

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The Revolving Door Swingeth

Gary Smith is a man determined not to rest on the laurels of Wednesday night it seems. It has been just two days and we’ve still not recovered from the sheer exhilaration. However, Smiffy seems to have other ideas and has been pre-occupied with the loan market. Maybe it was when ‘Arry was hailing our “fantastic lads… triffic performance“, there was a part of his penchant for transfers rubbing off […]

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Glory Glory Night At The Lane

Well then. For 20-odd minutes at White Hart Lane, it looked as if Boro’ fans would be consigning their history books to, uh, history ahead of the latest reprint taking account of another glorious FA Cup triumph. But as Robbo’s tormented expression showed at the final whistle, this time it just wasn’t meant to be. The finer details of the match may be nothing more than a footnote to the […]

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