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Everything Changes But You

I’ve been watching Stevenage on and off for my entire life. Back in the days of Martin Gittings et al, my dad used to take me to watch the odd game, but I was always too young to fully understand what was going on or to form any sort of affiliation. I never really experienced the glory years under Paul Fairclough; the regular promotions; rising through non-league from the Vauxhall […]

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A Note From Caldey Island

Looking outside, you could fool yourself into thinking that it wasn’t summer. But it is, and we’re starting to get a little bored here at BoroGuide Towers. With nothing to fill weekends and sporadic news of player movements, we’re very nearly enthused about the Poles versus the Greeks opening Euro 2012 tomorrow… The prospect of millions of flag-wavers arriving in London and the Queen’s decision to gift us plebs a […]

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Well, wasn’t that eventful…?

The first foray into unknown territory is often a daunting prospect. This season, however, we found ourselves battling at the right end of table with ex-Premier League big boys for a third successive promotion and a crack at the Championship as opposed to settling for any spot outside of the bottom four. Mad? Probably. Exciting? Definitely. Unique? Certainly. As fans, the 2011/2 season was more or less a no-lose situation […]

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Cult Classic: Ronnie Henry

It’s not yet been a week since the news was first announced that Ronnie Henry was leaving Boro’ after more than seven years at the club. But it is surely appropriate to cherish such distinguished service and that’s what we’re attempting to do with this very instalment of Cult Classic. First recruited to the Stevenage ranks by Graham Westley in January 2005, Henry was – like future team mate Chris […]

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BoroGuide Awards: 2011/2 Match

If we thought naming our Player of the Year was tough enough, then to decide upon our Match of the Season is an equally troubling matter. Not least because there are so many potential candidates to choose from, and reducing that to the five on our shortlist called for the sort of level-headed thinking that we just don’t want to be known for. But here we go, the all-amazing, totally-fantastic […]

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In the end, the Destiny Train ran out of steam during the final seven minutes of the second leg at Sheffield United. But it’s been kept busy throughout the 2011/2 season – it has taken us to Hillsborough, White Hart Lane and The Valley. Wembley Stadium was, however, one trip too far. It would be amiss of us to say that, probably, Sheffield United deserved the win. But that is […]

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