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The Steel City Blues

It’s fair to say there was a prevailing colour in Sheffield on Saturday, and it’s equally fair to say that colour was blue. Not least given the Boro’ strode out at Bramall Lane attired in the the pure blue away offering, but also for coming away with a valuable point that ensures it is advantage Wednesday in the automatic promotion race. But that’s another story, for another day and for […]

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United We Stand

Don’t confuse this with some soppy call to arms or anything. OK, do. It’s a big game up at Bramall Lane tomorrow – for both teams – and a victory will do wonders for the prospects of the winner. Sheffield United looking to topple their city rivals in the hunt for automatic promotion; and Boro’ gunning for the last playoff berth. A script that most Hollywood writers couldn’t quite manage […]

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Paying The Penalty

It has to be said – following a game on Twitter and Twitter alone is not exactly a rewarding experience. It is almost comparable with listening to a game on the radio. However, you do get sounds and atmosphere’s conveyed through t’wireless – not something that Twitter can replicate. Don’t get us wrong. The club’s official Twitter feed does, to our mind, a quite superb job of relaying match events […]

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Brent Musings…

Imagine a cross between 2004/5 and 2005/6. You’ve just imagined 2011/2, a new will-we, won’t-we playoff battle not devised and but very much influenced by David Brentford. Well then. We’re still pushing aren’t we? Tuesday’s 1-0 victory against Carlisle United – the sixth of the season if you’re counting – has ensured that Boro’ remain on the tails of Notts County in sixth position. To quote an unnamed League One […]

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npower Fanpower Stadium

Here at BoroGuide, we’re always to our bit to help advance the collective Stevenage cause. It is perhaps especially important when there’s money up for grabs – in this case, £30,000 could be won by the club through the efforts of its fans and the npower Fanpower Stadium. And yes, we’re aware this has been going a while. But better late than never someone wisely once said. If you’re not […]

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Once More Unto The Breach

Turns out the G-Smiffy All Stars aren’t giving this playoff chase up without a fight and one of those “yeeeee-haaaas” you often hear in Harlow. Boro’ caused pain, suffering and a little bit of embarrassment to Yeovil Town on Saturday down in the West Country – now its time to come back home and apply the same treatment to Carlisle United. The playoff race is out of our hands but […]

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