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Category Archives: Close Season Blues

Wave Goodbye, Say Hello

Right then. Now we know. The teams a-coming to and a-going from League Two are now set in stone. With it, we can be at least 99% sure of who Boro’ have to deal with when the 2018-9 campaign starts motoring. Some are old faces, and others? Well, no. They’re all old faces. Not a single new one among them. Pity. A brand new away day would’ve gone down a […]

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Shakin’ It Up Like A Polaroid Picture

In the end, the glow of our great 2016-7 League Two adventure began to fade towards the end of term. After making April Fools of Barnet, Boro’ forgot how to win. And that’s why, of course, the playoffs are taking place without the benefit of our valued input. You’ll no more define our season by an epic run that launched us into the top seven as those six final, winless fixtures that cost us a shot at promotion. It’s […]

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One Out, One In…

In a move that comes as a greater surprise than the continued demand for five-day-a-week Emmerdale, it appears our old pal Bira Dembele has now settled on his next career move. League One had been the likely destination for our one-time defensive goliath; his impressive displays in the back end of last season believed to have raised some serious interest in his services. But trading the leafy surrounds of Stevenage Football Club for county underlings and Jubilee […]

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Capital One Cup Draw: Ipswich Away

Long before Game of Thrones bumped off your favourite character in the season finale, cup draws were often the best way of building you up buttercup just to let you down – if it wasn’t Darlington or Yeovil Town on the road, it was Notts County or Hastings United indoors. And the early stages of the League Cup don’t exactly brim with star potential… But this one isn’t a bad ‘un, all things considered. Ipswich Town will […]

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Teddy Boys

The king is dead, long live the king! The arrival of June this week won’t have come as too much of a surprise; not if you’ve been keeping tabs on the Cliff Richard calendar in your kitchen. But with only 200-odd shopping days left til Christmas, the start of this summer (no laughing back there) also marks the start of the next chapter in the history of Stevenage Football Club. And that brand new chapter […]

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Graham Westley: End Of The Road?

The little whisperers that can often be heard in footballing circles have, it seems, turned their attention to our humble abode. If Sky Sports sources are to be believed, Stevenage Football Club has been given permission to talk to an employee of West Ham United Football Club. Lord Eddard of House Sheringham (for it is he) is being lined up for a management vacancy that, officially, doesn’t exist at Boro’ […]

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