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Dons Go Breaking Our Heart…

Just five minutes are left on the clock. We’re that close to signing off a much-needed first win since the start of February. And on comes the living legend himself, Ronnie Henry, to bring up 500 outings in Boro’s red and white and blue and black and yellow and whatever other away colours we’ve won over the last 14 years. Well, what can we say? The man loves setting records […]

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Rockin’ Robins

Just for a moment there, our hopes flickered a little brighter in the mundane darkness that is League Two. We might just be having a breakdown, sure – we’ve been listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran recently. But we’re kinda thinking the pressure (if there was any) is off us now. Our hopes of making the playoffs have receded as much as the hairline of Bobby Charlton in his […]

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Merry Bury

Left it late at Oldham, didn’t we? Close to blagging all three points, weren’t we? Now got the league’s in-form team indoors next, don’t we. Not for debate, that last one. The Shakers are shakin’ things up at the top of the tree like Shakin’ Stevens. By forgetting how to lose games, Ryan Lowe’s team are marching on the summit and now sit within touching distance. It’s our mission, should […]

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No glib remark. No pithy comeback. Just a lot of head-scratching. The Cobblers, who don’t tend to need asking twice to put one over us, brought us crashing down to earth like a rickety old Soviet satellite last weekend. We say this as if we were in some sort of meteoric orbit. It really all depends on how much the Desmond at Lincoln did it for you. The fact we […]

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Low-Carb Diets: Football Training Is Serious, But So Is Your Health

The trend of “cutting carbs”, low-carb diets and the damaging health effects has received plenty of media attention recently. Pairing down the amount of carbs in your diet to help remain trim or shed excess weight may result in putting your long-term health at risk. Carbohydrates play an important part of our diets and provide energy to our bodies, particularly for muscle repair and gain. This is so important when […]

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Are The Lights Back On Yet?

The longest-running saga in English football is now at an end. UK Power put a couple of quid in the meter and the new electricity substation is now alive and kicking. Probs. Don’t take our word for it, ‘cos we did this intro before the long-awaited switch-over. We’d call the club shop, but – y’know – we can’t. Give ’em a bell on Satdi morning to see. If no-one picks […]

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