All set for the brand-new season? Here's a quick look at some of the best apps that fans will need for the latest campaign...

It’s quite some time since fans needed to think about keeping on top of results or how to get to an away day. But here we are again; ready for the new season and ready to take trips back to Broadhall Way and, of course, beyond. And when you make those trips, you’ll need the best apps to hand to enhance your experience.

Over the past 18 months, many of the apps we use for football have remained redundant. Instead, we were seeking other forms of entertainment such as casino and online slingo games; many of which saw a huge rise in popularity during football’s down time. But it’s back! And here are the must download apps for 2021-2.

EFL iFollow

The iFollow app is still going to be prominent throughout the new season, although there are to be some change as attendances at stadiums resume. This means that live 3pm games are unlikely to be shown through the subscription service.

However, it will still offer plenty of insight and highlights for fans that can’t get to games. Or you can tune into the highlights on Quest.


We bigged up FanHub just a few months ago and it’s bringing the power back into a fans hands. It’s a fan platform built by fans; offering you the opportunity to engage with others in one of the most exciting new fan forums around.

There’s tons of content curated directly about Boro’ and the other 72 teams in the EFL. And you can also build loyalty points the more you engage. Are you Stevenage’s biggest fan? Prove it…

Cask Finder

Are you a lover of an away trip? Well, you’re going to want to know the pubs close by the likes of Scunthorpe, Sutton and Exeter.

Cask Finder is a great app built by Cask Marque that allows you to find the nearest pub to you that offers a great selection of real ale to Cask Marque accredited pubs. There are over 10,000 pubs on the all. So, you’ll never be far from one.

A Bookmaker

Nothing beats a Saturday afternoon walk to Broadhall Way with a cheeky bet on the Boro’ prior to kick off. So why not download your favoured bookmaker app? After all, make sure your hunches about the game are rewarded. Fingers crossed anyway.

There are tons of apps you can use for this; offering markets prior to the game and in-play. It all means you can use your first hand knowledge of what’s going on to place educated bets on how a game will play out.

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