Today, you can bet on basically anything – from basketball to UFO sightings. The lower divisions of football are no different...
Photo: "Stevenage FC" by yellow book is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The betting industry is continuously growing, and bookmakers and online casinos are always looking for new ways to add more variety to the mix. Today, you can bet on basically anything, from football and basketball to politics and UFO sightings. You name it, you can bet on it. The lower divisions of football are no different.

If you have bet before, you probably already know that betting on certain sports and betting markets is better than betting on others. Did you know, however, that betting on lower divisions can be even more profitable. Not to mention a lot more fun?

To convince you, we will show you several reasons why you should bet on lower divisions and teams. Y’know, just like on our very own Stevenage.

Better Odds

It’s no surprise that bookmakers tend to provide odds that work in their favour. In fact, in 2020, the betting market generated approximately $3.36 billion in Great Britain alone, which goes to show that the betting industry is clearly doing something right.
To calculate the odds, bookmakers rely on analysts and betting experts who examine the data and provide the odds.

Even analysts can be wrong, however; not least when it comes to teams that are not as known as the EPL ones. After all, everyone who follows sports knows that Manchester City is currently stronger than West Brom. But just how many analysts can tell you, without looking it up, that Stevenage had a streak of 12 unbeaten games this season?

In addition, the games in top-tier leagues are often one-sided and with a clear favourite. Because of that, bookmakers often provide poor odds on such matches. In other words, you will find much better value when betting on teams in lower divisions.

Insider Info

This one is closely related to what we just mentioned. Not to worry though, we’re not talking about insider trading or non-public information. We’re simply referring to the fact that your average Boro’ fan is much more likely to know more about their team than someone who doesn’t follow the team closely.

Information is key when betting. And the more you know about the game, the easier it will be to place a good bet.

If you’re a Boro’ fan, and we’re assuming you are, you probably know your team inside out. You know that we have a stellar defence and that we are somewhat lacking in attack. That’s something you can use to your advantage when betting.

Moreover, you can always learn something new about the team, something that someone else overlooked. The one thing you should avoid doing when betting is following your heart every single time. Instead, rely on all the information available to you.

While you can always support the team, not betting on Boro’ from time to time is absolutely fine. And we won’t hold it against you. After all, even we’ve been known to lose games, believe it or not.

The Football Itself

Anything can happen in lower divisions, and upsets are a frequent occurrence. While Burnley is unlikely to surprise the world with a 5-0 home win against Chelsea, lower division teams have been known to make an upset and brighten up some lucky lad’s weekend.

Moreover, the football itself is just superb. Granted, you probably won’t see the kind of finesse or great strategic play that you might see from the likes of Arsenal or Barcelona. But that’s just one of many aspects that make lower division football beautiful. Teams and players will often surprise you with either an unusual mistake or an exceptional move. And it makes you that much more invested in the game.

The only tricky part is finding a broadcast. Once you do, however, you will quickly understand the charms of lower-division football and what makes betting on clubs like Boro’ fun.


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to bet on lower-division teams. If you’re not doing it for the odds or the opportunity to put your knowledge to the test, you can always do it to spice things up and add some extra fun to the matches. As always, make sure to use your best wits when betting, and never invest more than you can afford.


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